Marry Gold Project

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Marry Gold Bread

Report of “Marketing”
Sajjad ahmad


Marry Gold is the Second largest bread company of Pakistan. Mohammad Azam is the owner of the company. Salman saeed is the Managing director. This company has been working since 1983. They started their working from Lahore and have a main manufacturing factory in Lahore at kott lakhpatt. They started their business from a single flavor bread and now they have lots of other flavor and also some other different products. The main raw material which is required in these types of products is flour, sugar, oil. Marry gold have business only in Punjab. They have different departments like Accounts department, Management department .This Company does not listed in stock exchange.


Develop the right Product sell it at the right Price Distribute it in the right Place and inform and persuade your customer about it with Promotion.


Product includes services as well as physical things. Customers are really interested in what the product will do for them. In this sense, all Products are services because they do something, i.e. provide services to the customer. So to truly define your product, you have to consider all the elements which combined and satisfy your customer needs – Better than your competitor can satisfy them. This will include such things as Packaging as well as how the customer perceives you and the product-“brand” and “image”.


Marry Gold deals in different types and variety of products like:

Diet Bread
Brown Bread
Sandwiched Bread •Milky Bread
Bun •Sheer Mall
Cake Rusk

Baqar Khani
Burger Role
Plane Cake
Fruit cake


Now a day in business every customer is looking for the warranty of the products. If a product has a warranty then people should prefer that product. Marry Gold have a warranty of his product but because company is dealing in a product which has to make fresh and should sold in the market very soon. So, if products remain expired due to fungus then company have a policy to replace that product.


The Unique thing which company has is the taste and also the quality of bread and other products as compared to other brands.


Every company has a close eye on their competitiors which is very crucial for the working of the company.

Competitors of Marry Gold are:

Dawn Bread
Bunny Bread
Morgan Bread


Brand name is the major factor in the company running process. The company work very hard to make or create a brand. Every company has its own brand name. The customer purchase the item from the recognized brand name

Customers recognise the product or business & can easily distinguish it from that of competitors •It promotes customer loyalty & increased sales & profits •It is easier to launch a new product on the market if it has a brand name •The customer is assured that the branded product is of good quality LABELING Marry Gold already have label on the product and toll free number also on bottom of the product. The labeling of the Bread also includes directions of how to make the products and what are the active ingredients in it. In this way consumer is satisfied with what he or she is having. In our recommendation the label should be more graphical which would make the product more attractive to the consumer


This area is the most important to capture the customer intention. So mostly the big companies have this department to create new things and also search new things. Marry gold have also this department and make a good investment. Marry gold...
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