Marrige and Divorce

Topics: Marriage, Divorce, Family law Pages: 29 (11091 words) Published: December 13, 2010
1.1Background of the Study

This research paper is assigned to us in “Introduction to Social Science” course. Here students have to prepare a term paper basing on the titles given to them so that students can learn to conduct any research study in future for their organizational purpose or own business purpose.

The topic of our study is “Marriage and Divorce”. In this term paper we have gone through different articles, journals and research papers.

1.2 Objectives of the Study

The principle objective of the study is to know the effect of divorce in the children.

The specific objectives of the study are as follows:

1. To assess of marriage in our society.

2. Effect of marriage in the society.

3. To investigate divorce cases to find out the reason behind this.

4. Effect of marriage in the children.

1.3 Research Strategy & Method
1.3.1Techniques to be used to collect data

• Questionnaire: Questionnaire will be use to developed case studies. • Interview: Divorce men and women will be approached to collect interview through structured interview - telephone, fax, e-mail and physical interview will be conducted. • Observations: Surveyor while taking interview will use his own observation to collect information. • Secondary information: Secondary information should be collected by internet, newspapers, journals and other relevant documents.

1.3.2 Sampling design

For this research topic,

Data required are primary and secondary.

Target people are the divorce men, women and their children..

1.4 Data collection Techniques and Tools

|Data collection Techniques |Data Collection Tools | |Observation |Check list, | |Interviewing |Compilation Form, | |Administering written |Questionnaire, | |Questionnaires |Discussion Guides. | | | |

1.5 Limitations

To complete the study we have faced some problems, which can be termed as the limitations of the study. The problems were as follows:

Less Secondary Information
Lack of time

2.1.1 Marriage
Marriage is a relationship and bond, most commonly between a man and a woman, that plays a key role in the definition of many families. Precise definitions vary historically and between and within cultures, but it has been an important concept as a socially sanctioned bond in a sexual relationship. Globally, societies that sanction polygamy as a form of marriage are far less common than those that do not and monogamy is overwhelmingly most widely practiced, followed distantly by polygyny, which is found primarily in tribal cultures, and with other forms being extremely rare. Since the latter decades of the 20th century many of society's assumptions about the nature and purpose of marriage and family have been challenged, in particular by homosexual advocacy groups, who demand changing the definition of marriage as a heterosexual union. In modern times, the term marriage is generally reserved for a state sanctioned union. The phrase legally married can be used to emphasize this point.

2.1.2 Types of marriage:

The type and functions of marriage vary from culture to culture. In the United States, Europe, and China in the early 21st century, legally sanctioned marriages are monogamous (although some pockets of society still sanction polygamy socially, if not legally) and divorce is relatively simple and socially sanctioned. In the West, the prevailing view toward marriage today is that it is based on emotional attachment between the partners and entered into voluntarily. In the Islamic world,...

do u think that there is any impact on the children if they are divorced. What type of problem please specify.
Have u faced any legal problem while getting divorced.
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