Married vs Single People

Topics: Marriage, Husband, Personal life Pages: 2 (552 words) Published: January 17, 2012

In the olden times, most of the people around the world used to get married and had their own family. But nowadays, many people prefer to stay single than to get married because taking this kind of decision is crucial in people’s life and not should be taken lightly. Moreover, there are a lot of factors that people must consider when thinking about marriage such as friendship, free time, money issues, and so on. Both single and married people have their unique problems that must be overcome while having similarities. On the surface at least, married and single people are both alike and different.

Both single and married people have future plans such as goals and objectives. As we can know many people worldwide have aims that they want to achieve in their lives. For instance, single people are studying one or more carriers and may be they are working very hard because they want to get promoted; likewise, married people maybe want to buy a car, house and save money because they want to give a better life to their children

In spite of these similarities between single people and married people, these two apparently alike human beings have some important differences.

One obvious difference is responsibility between married and single people. Being in love is a great feeling but getting married changed everything in people’s life. When people commit themselves in marriage, they sometimes find hard to comply with their responsibilities. The adjustment stage of husbands and wives is very difficult. Married people have to manage their expenses economically. They are also responsible for raising their children and guiding their family. They are also responsible to manage their time for their families. They have to spend time with their children, husband or wife every day while single people don’t have a fixed schedule. They don’t have to make any commitments with anybody. They don’t have very...
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