Married at Young Age

Topics: Marriage, Adultery, Investment Pages: 2 (619 words) Published: October 15, 2012

Assalamualaikum and very good morning to my lecturer Mdm Fauziah binti Hj Amin and my fellow friends from DIA 3C. Today I would like to give a informative speech about advantages getting married at early age. Nowadays, there are many people who get married at early age. Married at the young age is encouraged in Islam. The prophet ever said: “Whoever among teenagers who marry at young age, the devil will cry. And (the devil) sigh: Oh damn me, religion was protected from my temptation. Today, I talk about advantages of getting married at early age from different aspect. It is a financial, emotional and social. Ok, let’s get starterd on out first aspect married at young age. The first aspect of getting married at young age is financial. Financial terms that will helps us to work hard and diligently. Is not only that but it also helps us to more saving while spending to buy something, we will not be extravagant and just buy things for the essential requirements only. Being married at young age, it also helps us to be more stable on financial. This is because we will have two sources of finance, so we can share to pay bills and buy groceries and the rest can be saved for the next use. Allah SWT says: “And marry those who are single (man and woman) among you, and those who are fit among your slaves, male and female. If they are poor, Allah will enrich them of His bounty for Allah is Ample (mercy and His grace), the All-knowing. (An-Nur: 32). Ok, now you know the advantages from the aspect financial. So let’s get continue to the another aspect of advantages married at young age. The second aspect of getting married at young age is emotional. It is because we will have someone on our side. It such we will have someone to support when you want to do something important in your entire life. We will also have someone to share a problem and to through difficulties time together. And if we are a student there...
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