Marriage of Annasewa

Topics: Deception, Marriage, Family Pages: 2 (745 words) Published: May 5, 2013
How does the dramatist make Ananse an interesting character?
In the play ‘The Marriage of Anansewa’ by Efua Sutherland, she presents a character, George K. Ananse. He’s admirable and interesting because he has the ability to think quickly on his feet in situations that’s others may find sticky. Sutherland also presents him as cunning in his intentions but he only wants what’s best for his daughter- Anansewa, whom he does all of this for; out of his love for her. Sutherland brings Ananse’s character to light through her use of colorful language, his actions, and diction in his endeavors.

Ananse’s love for Anansewa is evident throughout the play starting from Act one where he acts her to type letters to send to the Chiefs. He went around several towns searching for the best chief candidates for her; “my daughter now we shall see which one of these four chiefs will make the best husband for you”. He even took photographs of her to display to them when he went to visit them. “Ten cedis, ten cedis, one hundred clean cedis. Altogether, one hundred and twenty cedis. Take that to the miserly principal of E.P.’s Secretarial School” shows Ananse’s care and love for Anansewa because he pays for her to go back to school after she has been absent to two weeks. Even though he wishes to upgrade his status in society, he puts her wish of wanting to return to finish her secretarial course.

His love for Anansewa is shown yet again at Anansewa’s “funeral” where he has a heartfelt moment where he expresses his reasoning for his actions to find her a suitable husband. “I have a deep fatherly concern for this only child of mine, if the world were not what it is, I would not gamble with such a priceless possession…the one will reveal himself who will love her and take good care of her when I give her to him’” shows Anase’s strong love for his only child who he wishes to marry to the best and most suitable Chief.

Sutherland’s diction with Ananse’s character allows...
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