Marriage Is a Private Affair

Topics: Family, Marriage, Fiction Pages: 2 (745 words) Published: October 7, 2010
Critical Perspectives and the Short Story

Marriage is a Private Affair

September 22, 2010

The initial emotional response I received from this story was that the father was not willing to budge from his beliefs and the ways of his tribe. By doing this I was confused as to how he could turn his back on his own child because he found happiness with a woman that was not a part of their tribe. At the end of the story I understood what the father had gone through and that his tribe and beliefs had caused him so much pain and suffering. The end also left me thinking that he was ready to give in to his urge to see his grandchildren and finally meet his son’s wife. The characters in this story are very strong at heart and have plenty to give to the world and each other. The son was very firm in his decision to marry out of love and not tradition and I liked that about him. The wife was very strong to deal with such a situation that was out of her hands and showed a great amount of grace to not hold anything against the father and his actions. The father was noble in keeping the tribes beliefs and traditions that he grew up with, although it was very painful to me to watch him suffer for so long knowing that his son had made choices that were not in favor of the traditions of their tribe. The story to me puts itself together and leaves you wondering at the end. This is always good in a story like this because you can either make a happy ending out of this or make this story about the father’s loyalty to his tradition and tribal ways and what he sacrificed to prove his loyalty. I will apply sociological theory and Psychological theory to determine my conclusion.

This story is about a tribe called Ibo that live in Ibibio. The belief system that these people have is that the father chooses a bride for his son. This belief is the conflict of the story and is portrayed as a negative belief because the son has found love with another woman that is not from the...

References: Achebe, C. (2008).  Marriage is a private affair.  In R. DiYanni (Ed.), Literature: Approaches to fiction, poetry, and drama (pp. 258-262). Boston: McGraw Hill.
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