Marriage Experience

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Ch. 8: The Marriage Experience
* Family is the property of the husband
* Husband is the head of the household.
* Women are the weaker of the two sexes
* Married couples practice COVERTURE- the idea that a wife is under the protection and influence of her husband. * When you get married two becomes one, that ONE is the husband. Provisions of the marriage contract

* In 1977, Lenore Weitzman identified 4 basic provisions to the marriage contract: 1. Wife is responsible for caring for the home.
2. Wife is responsible for caring for children.
3. Husband is head of the household.
4. Husband is responsible for providing support for the family. * Laws for the marriage contracts vary from state to state Residence
* The wife does not have to take the husband’s last name * According to the law, the husband decides the living arrangements * If the husband had to relocate for a job, the wife has to go with him or she could potentially be charged with abandonment. * Women can only establish a separate household if they have a specific reason (must be approved) * If wife is the breadwinner then she can determine residency Property Rights

* Most U.S. states recognize individual ownership of property * Most have proof of ownership
* CONJUGAL RIGHTS- rights pertaining to the marriage relationship * Before the 1970s husbands basically had the license to rape their wives because rape was considered to be with someone that was not your wife * Marital rape is illegal in all 50 states

* As long as the husband and wife live together, the husband has the right to support his wife in whatever manner he sees fit. MARRIAGE CONTRACT
* Women who take their husbands’ last names have to get permission to return to their birth names * Problems arise with hyphenated names because there is not a clear decision for naming children * Will the child have the...
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