Marriage and Young People

Topics: Marriage, Love, Cohabitation Pages: 3 (998 words) Published: May 11, 2008
Marriage is a union of holy matrimony. It is when two individuals exchange vows to love and to cherish one another until death. Marriage is a bond or a commitment that holds two people together especially if they are in love. Love is the reason why two people would want to get married or some sort of mutual attraction. Two people do not necessarily have to be in love to get married. Some people in today’s society are getting married because it makes them feel more secure. For some people it is a big thing in life, having a wife/husband, the 1.2 children, the dog and the white picket fence, means a lot. For others it is a way of leaving home and being their own person. Young people should be waiting to get married. Sometimes they think it is love but it could just be that they are sexually excited. A person’s body at that time will tell them those things, but their head is not thinking it is their body.

There are three feelings a person can have toward someone: love, lust, and infatuation. Love is an emotion and has to be a mutual bond based on physical, emotional, spiritual and mental attraction. Love never changes, it is infinite and a person can love as many people as they want. Love is when someone is in a life or death situation, about to get shot and the other person takes the bullet for them out of love. Haughton 2 Now there is different types of love, a person can be IN love or can HAVE love for another person. A person can be IN love would take that bullet for the person they love. A person having love would tell that person that they are going to get shot if they don’t move. Infatuation is being carried away by passion or love; addictive love. This usually occurs at the beginning of a relationship. For example a young man in college maybe infatuated for a fellow student and begins to stalk her. He may want...

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