Marriage and Young Adult

Topics: Othello, Marriage, Iago Pages: 3 (1147 words) Published: June 21, 2008
Does Desdemona do the right thing by marring Othello behind her father's back? Desdemona does what she feels is right, therefore it doesn't make her a terrible person. Everyone does things behind their parent's backs. Plus, Desdemona is often treated like an object, as if she wasn't capable of making her own choices. Instead of referring to Desdemona as a young adult which is what she is; people objectify her, and treat her like she isn't capable of making her own decisions. People often speak about her like if she has no agency. The moment she ran away with Othello she knew it would be a big responsibility. She acted mature enough to stand up to her father and prove her point on why she left with Othello. She didn't leave because she wanted to get away from her father, but because she was ready to be a wife and be with someone.

Desdemona's own father treats her like if she's a precious jewel or an ornament. If someone where to go to your house at the middle of the night, and tell you that someone has "stole" your daughter not "kidnapped" but that you've been stolen from, how would you react? Iago say "Zounds, sir, you're robbed! For shame, put on your gown. Your heart is burst; you have lost half your soul" (1.1.88). Robbed? Couldn't they have picked better choices of words to tell him that his daughter ran away or even got kidnapped? But they say "you've been robbed" like if Desdemona was some piece of jewel that someone went to steal at Brabantio's house.
Brabantio doesn't believe that his daughter went and got married behind his back, instead he accuses Othello of putting a witch craft on her. "O thou foul thief, where hast thou stowed my daughter? Damned as thou art, thou hast enchanted her! For I'll refer me to all things of sense, If she in chains of magic were not bound, Whether a maid so tender, fair, and happy, So opposite to marriage...
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