Marriage and The Family

Topics: Reinforcement, Motivation, Organizational studies and human resource management Pages: 14 (1811 words) Published: September 13, 2014
MGT 315 – 8/27/2014
Office Hours:
Mondays: 1:30-2:30 PM
Review of the Syllabus
8 Total, 5 Questions each
Over assigned readings only.
Lowest quiz dropped
6 total surveys, about 30 minutes each.
These are due by 1 PM on Mondays.
Submitted via D2L
No late submissions accepted
Technical difficulties are NOT a valid excuse.
Recitation Sections
Recitation Activities
Applying HR/OB to a fictitious business
3 Cases
3 Brief Presentations
Details to be provided by TAs
Attendance is required.
Research Requirement
3-hour research requirement
Two Options:
Participate in research conducted by Department of Management. Sign-ups will pop up throughout semester, no advance preparation required. Compose 5-page report on scientific article.
All questions/concerns about the course – direct towards TA first. Grading – 800 Points
Exams (150 Pts each * 3)
8 Quizzes – 70 Pts
Attendance – 42 Pts
Group Surveys – 18 Pts
Recitation Activities – 170 Pts
Course Overview
Think of past co-workers:
How many have had a bad one?
What did that person do?
What should the boss or organization done differently?
Bad coworkers are human resource management mistakes:
Should they have been hired? (selection)
Do they know they are bad? (performance management)
Are they motivated? (job design/leadership)
Can they be trained? (training)
Helping them find ways to be good employees…
Human Resource Management
Policies, practices, and systems that influence employee attitudes and performance. Organizational Behavior
The study of individuals and groups in organizations and how their attitudes and behaviors affect organizational performance Put simply: If you have the best HRM and OB practices in your industry, you will have the best people in your industry. The Science of HRM/OB

How do we improve management?
Through scientific research and study.
Through proper management training (like this class)
By emphasizing the link between HRM/OB and overall organizational performance. Before we talk about research, some terminology:
Number of observations (n)
How many people were involved in the study?
For the size of the U.S., you need about 300 semi-random sampled. Correlation coefficient (r)
How related two variables are?
-1 to 1, the more close to the 1. The stronger the relationship. Percent of variance explained (r^2)
Makes it a percent.
Consider studies that have been used in the medical field:
What is the correlation between ibuprofen use and reduction in pain? Answer = 0.14 (1.96% of variance explained) – (n=8488)
What is the correlation between antihistamine use and reduced runny nose and sneezing? Answer = 0.11 (1.21% of variance explained) – (n=1023)
It is difficult to get consistent results from people.
What is the correlation between drinking alcohol and aggressive behavior? Answer = 0.23 (5.29% of variance explained) – (thousands of observations over 47 different studies) What is the correlation between smoking and lung cancer?

Answer = 0.08 (0.64% of variance explained) – (n=3956)
The number one cause of lung correlation.
Now, what about HRM/OB studies?
What is the correlation between scores on selection tests and job performance? Answer = 0.27 (7.3% of variance explained) – (thousands of observations over 138 studies) What is the correlation between social conformity pressure and providing intentionally incorrect information? Answer = 0.42 (17.6% of variance explained) – (n=4,627)

Biggest contributor to lying is social conformity pressure.
Why do we tend to believe in the results of the medical studies, and not the results of these HRM/OB studies? Does HRM/OB matter?
None of this science is important unless HRM/OB policies actually have an effect on the overall performance of the organization. A study of HRM/OB practices
Execs in 968 firms responded to questions about their HRM/OB practices. Data on turnover, sales, and stock price were collected for...
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