marriage and the family

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Throughout the course of time, family dynamics and components have evolved along with society. In recent history the contemporary family has evolved into more of a dual earner family, leaving the traditional division of responsibilities ever changing and progressing. In today’s society it has become more common to see women taking on the traditional responsibilities of men both financially and around the home and men doing their part to assist with more household activities and child care. To fully understand the changes that have taken place over time it is important to look at where we have come from. Customarily, in the past family roles between and husband and wife were black and white. Men would traditionally work the nine to five every day, support the family financially, and take care of household maintenance. This would often cause less time for things like engagement with children and helping with their overall development. While Men had their hands full outside the home, women spent most of their time in the home taking care of housework and rearing children. As a society we have come a long way from what used to be considered a contemporary family. Today, a contemporary family no longer consists of one employed provider but a dual earning couple. This is due to women becoming more independent, career oriented, and educated. Another factor that plays into the evolution of the dual earner family is the state of the economy, cost of living, and childcare expenses. It is almost essential for families to have duel earners in order to make ends meet. Today, women can be just as an important piece of the financial puzzle as their counterparts. Now that we have established the new normal, it is important to look at the division of the families responsibilities. In dual earning families, men have been doing more than they ever have and have come a long way. Men are now more actively participating in things like housework, cooking, and lawn care but the...
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