Marriage and Family Counseling

Topics: Family therapy, Marriage, Family Pages: 5 (1784 words) Published: June 29, 2009
In today's world more and more people are experiencing life struggles when it comes to family. These issues can range from problems in a marriage, how to deal with your children issues and understand yourself and how to deal with your family and certain issues. The area of marriage and family counseling/therapy has had an out break over the past decade. The counselors are expected to work effectively with families experiencing a variety of issues and problems. In marriage and family therapy/counseling there are so many different types of techniques that are out there but should be used and looked upon not a cure, but a method to help mobilize the family. Choosing this model wasn't hard for me because of the love I have my family and evaluating what I believe needs to be repaired and what I believe stands strong for us. I believe in saving marriages and families, I think it is really important. Having strong family and a stable marriage plays such a major part in kids lives today, they need a solid foundation in order to have a healthy life. Watching so many young couples get divorce after less than two years of marriage and seeing how the kids suffer really from the break up of the family. I believe that if younger therapist/counselors were out there and start getting involved in the community, church and conducting seminars relating to marriage and families this could be the beginning of change. This is why I chose this model I feel that this is my calling. Many people are unsure about going to a therapist and because of this once they are convinced to go the relationship must be hearty and firm. When developing a relationship with a marriage or a family it's going to be difficult because one common issue is that everyone doesn't feel it's necessary to seek help in this form. The clinician has to be straight the each participant to let them know this process is to him them understand what is going on with their family and why and who in the marriage/family thinks there is a problem. I think things such as the type of therapist is important such as young, old, attractive, male, female, married or single. I've heard that many marriage couple don't want to seek counseling from a young or single therapist because they feel that the clinician has not be married long enough or doesn't know anything about marital issues because they haven't experienced marriage. This applies to family therapy, if you don't have children how can you tell me how to discipline, how to interact or even how to relate to children. I'm bias about both situations because I feel you don't have to be married to counsel a married couple or you don't have to have children to counsel a family with problems with their children. I feel this way because you learn you own life experiences growing and also with you educational background in these areas you can still give great knowledge and advice. When I growing up television was different from what my kids see. The television shows focus on more adult issues and I understand this to be because these days kids experience more adult issues earlier. What comes to mind when I think of changing a bad situation in a marriage or family I often think about television sitcoms that has focused some of there episodes around these two topics. One of my favorite was the Cosby show, even though this was a fictional family and I understand most dads are not as funny as Bill Cosby but his way of being upfront with these children was what made me enjoy this show. I think because so many parents don't open the door for children at any early age to come and talk to them about what is going on with they tend to get their advice from friends but not always good friends. Communication is the foundation to so many problems when it comes to marriage and family. I think the main approach would be coming up with a technique to begin the communication and once that is establish the problems that...
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