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It is known that a man is connected with society. He can’t be alone, he is in contact with people constantly. But he should have close people in his circle. He needs their support among constantly growing problems. Of course a man has friends. But his dearest person whom he can tell his thoughts, whom he can get away from the problems with, takes a specific position. So, a man strives to find such a person to make his own family. But in the midst of choosing the perfect wedding dress, debating the merits of different wedding invitation wording, and worrying about wedding guest etiquette, it's not uncommon for couples to wonder why do people get married? Marriage is about much more than a fancy party or a sparkling ring. So why do people get married? Emotional reasons are the most noticeable reason for people to get married. The companionship, romance, and love a couple shares can compel them to make the commitment to spend the rest of their lives together. Not all emotional reasons are romantic, however. Some people may choose to get married because of fear - fear that they will always be alone or that they will not find someone else to share their life with. Some people may also get married out of anger, either to spite their parents or another individual with whom they've had a relationship. Many couples also choose to get married for religious reasons. In some faiths, a couple may not be considered married if they only complete a civil ceremony - a religious ceremony is required to confirm their union before the eyes of God. A couple who shares the same or similar faiths may want to honor their relationship with that religious commitment, or if their faiths are different they may plan an interfaith marriage ceremony to blend their spirituality together. Modern society also puts pressure on couples to marry. While cohabitation and open commitments are more acceptable and more common than ever before, the solid commitment of a marriage ceremony is...
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