Marley and Me

Topics: Labrador Retriever, John Grogan, Marley & Me Pages: 2 (939 words) Published: February 19, 2012
Marley and me: life and love with the world’s worst dog is a New York Times best-selling novel written by John Grogan , a journalist and also a non-fiction writer in America. The book , published in 2005 , is more a autobiographical book than a novel because the whole story is based on the author’s personal experience with his beloved dog Marley. So , the author John Grogan and his wife Jenny , are also the leading characters in Marley and me . The book is such a hit that in 2008 a movie was adapted from it , which also is very successful. Told in first-person narrative , the book focuses on the 13 years that John and his family spent with their dog Marley. As we can see from the subtitle of the book : life and love with the world’s worst dog , Marley is not an obedient dog. It is portrayed as a boisterous , uncontrolled yellow Labrador. A new couple , John and Jenny , were thinking about having a baby. Lack of experience , they decided to raise a dog to practise being parents because taking care of a dog , just like a baby, requires patience and attention. So that is how Marley became a new member of the family. Marley was so naughty that it was always hungry and destructive of furniture. But the couple forgave it and loved it even more . As life went on with Marley , the couple decided to have their first baby . Unfortunately , Jenny had an abortion when carrying the first baby. Life was tough but Marley was always there for them. Frustrated as they were , they decided to tried again and luckily they had three children later on . Life is happy for the couple. Years elapsed before the couple realized that Marley was no longer a puppy, but an old dog. Marley was no longer naughty , boisterous as it was . It was a sad moment in the story when John had to give permission to the vet to put Marley to sleep forever. The whole family were depressed but they knew it was best for Marley. The whole family missed Marley so much that after Marley’s death , they...
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