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1.0 Situation Analysis2
1.1 Current Product2
1.2 Current Pricing3
1.3 Current Distribution4
1.4 Current Promotion4
2.0 Brand Positioning Theory5
2.1Define and explain brand positioning5
2.2 Draw a perceptual map6
3.0 Target Market Identification7
3.1Geographic description7
3.2 Demographic description7
3.3 Psychographic description8
3.4 Behavioral description8
4.0 Reference List9

1.0 Situation Analysis
1.1 Current Product
Marvellous Creations is one of the new kinds of the chocolate of Cadbury. Marvellous Creations has 3 kinds of chocolate which named Peanut Toffee Cookie, Jelly Popping Candy Beanies and Jelly Crunchie Bits. Most of adults buy this kind of chocolate for their children; even they buy this chocolate for gift at the time of festival. On the other hand, at the huge percent of children are attracted by this new variety chocolate. It is novelty that there is jelly bits (like jelly snakes), popping candy, or beanies (like Smarties). Therefore, not only children love this chocolate, but also adults can find the funny recall in their children time. At this time, it is easily to keep the friendship with friends’ family by using this chocolate. It is the new consider for the chocolate designer to put the popping candy into the chocolate and this is the most important factor that the consumer willing to buy this chocolate. As soon as children eat this chocolate, the will find fun with this chocolate. In addition, this chocolate is covered with super-sweet-thick-creamy and it is designed into beanies to make more fun. So that, it attract a large number of children when they go shopping in the supermarket with their family. Because of it is only a kind of chocolate, it will only has discount in supermarket to make people buy more at same time. There are three different colors on the package, green, red and yellow which represent designed into beanies, has popping candy in it and within jelly bits. Actuarially, most of users is consumer to buy for their family. However, few companies would buy this chocolate as the present for the worker. As this kind of chocolate is the new product that Cadbury produced in six month, people will spend time finding this chocolate. In addition, there are many particular factors of this chocolate so that the consumers will not accept substitute as soon as they cannot find this chocolate. The biggest difference between this chocolate and other chocolate is popping candy in the chocolate. At the end, the package of this chocolate is colorful and sign that it is new product to attract consumer. People who will buy chocolates could find this kind of chocolate as soon as they go into the supermarket.

1.2 Current Pricing
The production of Marvellous Creations chocolate company Cadbury is the second biggest company in the world. The two largest competitive companies are Hershey and Nestlé after Cadbury was acquired in 2012 by American company Kraft. Both Hershey and Nestlé are producing chocolate and occupy a large part of market. As the competitor, Marvellous Creations use the special design of chocolate to attract consumer by popping candy. However, different brands of the same type of chocolate are basically the same price in the supermarket. Because of lots of competitive products in the market, customers have more choice which one to buy chocolate, especially in the case of the price is almost. Therefore, the price will decrease if the consumer will choose other chocolate means the demand fall. It is important to make sure the business’s cost of Marvellous Creations when this chocolate determines the price. The company Cadbury will gain when the price more than the cost and opposite the company will loss if the price less than the cost. Therefore, it is obvious to see how the importance of pricing. On the other hand, the consumer willing to buy Marvellous Creations is for its novel ideas about the...
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