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Marks and spencers
Marks and spencers was founded in Leeds, west Yorkshire in 1884, but the current headquarters for the retail industry is located in London. The founders of the worldwide industry were sir Michael marks and Thomas spencer with the current ceo of the industry being Marc bolland and the chairman being Robert swanell. As of 2010 the industry has 1010 stores worldwide with the revenue being £9.934.3 billion as of 2012 and the operating income being £746.5 million as of 2012, Marks and spencers have made a massive profit on everything as of 2012 being £489.6 million and also as of 2012 having a total of 81,223 employees this makes marks and spencers one of the most used stores in the world with their main competitors being Asda and Sainsbury’s Aims and objectives

Marks and spencers have many goals but their overall aims is to make money for its shareholders and improve profit margins whenever possible, the way that marks and spencers go about trying to achieve their goal is by doing various things such as designing appealing products for its customers, innovating products and selling at prices that their customers are willing to pay, these methods that they use are few of the many ways that they use. Marks and spencers also have a commitment plan ‘called plan A’ which is all about environmental issues within the business. Things like, not sending waste to landfill and cutting carbon emissions. Although this is a god thing, it is mainly to improve its image again and again, and encourages more people to shop with them Plan A objectives (as of 2010)

Objective 1: Aim for all their M&S products to have at least one plan A quality by 2020 (50% by 2015) and help their customers identify and buy those products Objective 1 M&S commitments
1.1: marks and spencers have developed a definition of their plan A quality for their products in consultation with key shareholders 1.2:marks and spencers have decided to have at least at least one plan A quality in all of their M&S merchandise and food products by 2020-with 50% of their products having at least one A quality by 2015 meaning by the time 5 years have went by they will have 50% of their goal achieved 1.3: They develop mechanisms to help their customers identify any and all products with Plan A qualities in store and online so that they can hope to encourage the purchase of said products to make sales higher 1.4: they extend their ‘meet your producer’ website linking products with producers, to include overseas suppliers; including wine suppliers by 2015 this is so the customer knows who is producing the products that they are buying 1.5: connecting their customers to their suppliers by developing a website providing information on how and where in the UK foods are produced by 2012 this is also so the customer can have information on who is producing the products that they are buying This is the first of the 8 objectives within plan A each having their own unique commitments such as helping the customer in various different ways, engaging their customers in Plan A The other objectives

Objective 2: help their customers make a difference to the social and environmental causes that matter to them, this is so that the customers can help the various different causes to which marks and spencers are trying to make a difference towards Objective 3: help their customers live a more sustainable life by giving them better products by alerting them of products which contain a plan A quality Objective 4: engage their employees in Plan A by sending them messages or emails alerting them to the actions of plan A and also alerting the customers to the different products that will contain plan A qualities Objective 5: integrate Plan A into our systems and processes so that when going in to the store you will go to search for products with plan A qualities instead of just any products Objective 6: Build Plan A into every aspect of their construction programme Objective...
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