MarketShare Assignment 3

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In the Market Share simulation there are 3 retailers that sell Allround and other OTC products to consumers: drugstores, grocery stores and mass merchandisers. Each of these stores will differ in terms of size, products, services and clientele客户.

Traditionally speaking, mass merchandisers are usually larger stores then grocery or drugstores and grocery stores tend to be larger than drugstores. However, in terms of space allocated to OTC remedies, drugstores will usually have a larger product assortment分类 than grocery or mass merchandisers.

This trend is slowly changing as stores (both drugstores and grocery stores) move towards becoming mass-market retailers or ‘one-stop shops’ for a large variety of products. For example, Shoppers Drug mart now sells cereal, bread and fruit while Atlantic Superstore has a full pharmacy with a pharmacist.

Your assignment is to conduct a field experiment to determine how the OTC cold remedy market really operates. Your team must select one brand (for example Tylenol Cold) and go to 2 different retail locations (a drugstore, a grocery store or a mass merchandiser) and record what you find about that product in each store. In this scenario you will be playing the role of Sales Manager for your brand and will be looking to evaluate your products placement and in-store marketing.

When you go in to the stores you should be looking to analyze the 4 P’s of your particular product (price, product, place, promotion), keeping in mind that you will be comparing your brand to the others found in the store:

After the retail visits each team must write a 2-page summary of your findings with recommendations for how your team would effectively market your cold remedy in a retail store.

NOTE: You may look at Exercise 7 in your Market Share student manual for other ideas for what to look for but do not go by this table alone. Marks will be allocated for students who come up with original and abstract ideas that say...
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