Marketplace: Handwork of India

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MarketPlace: Handwork of India
Strategic Plan
1.Introduction 2
2History and Accomplishments2
3Leadership in Design3
4Recent Developments4
6Strategic Objectives5
7Strategic Plan6
IIIDirect Marketing10
IVIndirect Marketing12
VIStrategic Capital Campaign13
8Management Team Biographies16
9Board of Directors Biographies17
10Statement of Operations18

MarketPlace: Handwork of India is an innovative and unique not-for-profit organization that uses its proceeds exclusively to increase economic opportunities for low-income women in India and to further empower these women to bring about changes in their lives, their families and their communities. MarketPlace produces high-quality women’s apparel through 14 co-operatives in India and markets these products in North America. MarketPlace is the fifth largest Fair Trade Organization in the United States and the only one that sells apparel. II.History and Accomplishments

The story of MarketPlace begins with SHARE (Support the Handicapped’s Rehabilitation Effort), whose mission was the economic empowerment of disadvantaged women. In 1980, SHARE began working with three women in the slum of Golibar, Mumbai (Bombay). SHARE trained the women in hand patchwork and the production of quilts for Indian and export markets. By 1982 there had been a strong response to home-based sales of these products in Chicago. The idea of MarketPlace – a U.S.-based organization that would lead the sales and marketing efforts related to products produced by the Indian co-operatives – was born. SHARE continued to service and grow the network of cooperatives in India. During the mid-1980’s, demand for apparel, which was also distributed through successful home sales, brought in vital customer feedback and led to further development of the product line. Soon after, MarketPlace began adding additional marketing channels, with its first participation in trade shows in 1988, the introduction of catalog sales in 1990 and the launch of Internet sales in 2001. Between 1989 and 1991, MarketPlace received grants totaling $220,000 to fund the expansion of its work in India and to produce the first catalog. Since that time MarketPlace has successfully extended its reach through focused, targeted marketing without any reliance on external grants to fund its operating budget. In addition, MarketPlace has organically grown to just under $1 million in revenues in 2003. MarketPlace has a deeply committed customer base and a proven ability to successfully extend its market through focused prospecting. Its accomplishments position it to be a leader in Fair Trade marketing. III.Leadership in Design

MarketPlace has a reputation for unique and beautiful designs and high-quality and tastefully presented products. The abundance of handwork on its garments establishes a direct connection between its mission and its market. The artisans participate fully in the design process, allowing them to develop creative adaptations of traditional skills. Some examples of MarketPlace’s design follow:

IV.Recent Initiatives
MarketPlace’s recent initiatives have focused on increasing production capacity, developing leadership in the cooperatives, instilling quality management techniques and improving distribution capabilities. MarketPlace and SHARE work with 14 cooperatives and small businesses owned and managed by approximately 450 low-income women artisans and their families in India. MarketPlace and SHARE provide these cooperatives with technical assistance in the areas of design, production management, quality control and capacity building. Many of these sell exclusively to MarketPlace. Of these 14 cooperatives, five produce fabrics and eight construct the garments or home...
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