Marketing vs Selling

Topics: Marketing, Sales, Business Pages: 4 (1142 words) Published: April 9, 2012
Compiled by : Prof.(Dr.) Sameer Sharma, Amity University, NOIDA. S.No.MarketingS.No.Sales
1Marketing starts with the buyer and focusesconstantly on buyer’s needs.1Selling starts with the seller and is preoccupied allthe time with the seller’s needs.2Seeks to convert “customer needs” into‘products’.2Seeks to convert ‘products’ into “Cash”.3Views business as a customer satisfying process.3Views business as a goods producing process.4Marketing effort leads to the products that thecustomers actually want to buy in their owninterest.4The company makes the product first and thenfigures out how to sell it and make a profit.5Marketing communication is looked upon as atool for communicating the benefits/ satisfactions provided by the product5Seller’s motives dominate marketingcommunication (promotions).6Consumers determine the price; price determinescosts.6Cost determines the price.7Marketing views the customer as the very purposeof the business. It sees the business from the pointof view of the customer.Customer consciousness permeates the entireorganization – all departments, all the people andall the time.7Selling views the customer as the last link in the business.8‘Customer satisfaction’ is the primary motive.8‘Sales’ is the primary motive.9External market orientation.9Internal company orientation.10Marketing concept takes an outside in

perspective10Selling concept takes an
perspective.11It is a broad composite and worldwide concept,more so in this era of globalisation.11It is a narrow concept related to product, seller andsales activity.12Marketing is more ‘pull’ than ‘push’.12Selling involves ‘push’ strategy.13Marketing begins much before the production of goods and services, i.e. with identification of customers’ needs. It continues even after the saleto ensure customer satisfaction through after salesservices.13Selling comes after production and ends with thedelivery of the product and collection of...
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