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Describe the company’s marketing mix in terms of the 4Ps of Marketing.

1.1.1 Product
Nestle Milo is a product that is well-known by the others, it is the first global nutritional labelling system. Nestle brand is a trusted product that is safe to consume. Milo is a chocolate malt beverage that is found in every hypermarkets and shopping malls. Milo drinks is trusted and loved by the parents and child. Milo contains of minerals and nutrition that produces energy. It is a tasty and healthy beverage that is suitable to the children and adults. (Nestle, 2009)

1.1.2 The Types of Milo
There are many types of Milo in Nestle Company. The manufactured of different types of packaging of Milo is to giving the consumers to have more choices. The different types of Milo are original Milo, Milo Fuze, pack extra nutrition with Milo and Milo wafer bar. (Nestle, 2009)

* The Original Milo
The patented Milo consists of dietary sign on each pack of the support of the dietary sign on each pack of the support of the dietary possessions that consumer able to get from severals cup of nutritious and good taste of Milo. * Milo Fuze 3 in 1

Milo Fuze has three alternatives and is the simple delicious method to get pleasure from the healthy Milo with Actigen-E and others healthy ingredients. It is differ by three categories which are cereals, 3 in 1 for consumer expediency & well taste, and the high calcium for stronger teeth and bones. * Pack Extra Nutrition with Milo

A well choice in original design UHT pack Milo UHT packs, the ready-to-drink method of Malaysia’s well-known healthy chocolate malt drinks are nutritious and healthier in a new striking design. It consists of all nutritious and healthier in a new striking design. It consists of all the nutritional profit of Milo such as ACTIGEN-E and PROTOMALT in an expedient pack.

* Milo Wafer bar
Milo wafer bar made with the layer of crispy wafer and scattered with Milo kibbles on top. It consists of ACTIGEN-E and it has 3.6% of our each day power needs (based on 200 Kcal). This is the most preferable of Milo products by the children.

1.1.3 Product nutrition
Nestle Milo is a chocolate malt drink that contains of nutrition that produces energy that is needed daily. Nestle Company is required to have the marketing tactics and at the same to achieve the health outcomes. The nutrition substance in Milo is suitable for children and adults. The present formulation of ACTIGEN-E in the mixture with PROTOMALT is the best packaging for children’s health and it is convenience to bring along. ACTIGEN-E is the mixture of 8 vitamins and 4 minerals that provide energy that the body needs. Besides that, Milo contains Calcium and Magnesium that produced energy and nutrients for strong bones and teeth. (Nestle Ocenia, 2008)

1.1.4 Product Packaging
The Milo’s Nestle Company have a nice and simple packaging that can be purchase in the markets. There are many types of packaging, such as 3 in1 packaging, the 400g of packaging the free with 50 g, the ready-to-drink package and many more. The packaging of Milo is mostly in plastics and tin. (Nestle, 2009)

1.1.5 Product Recommendation
In product recommendation, Milo is able to produce their product more diversity by adding new flavour. Milo is required to produce a less sugar concept to make their product line more efficient. The consumers that are on diet will prefer the choices of the low sugar ones....

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