Marketing To Children

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Looking deep into the heart of America, you see the small business man making his living. You see the marketing and advertising becoming the way word would spread for any business. This marketing touched the lives of many Americans including our future, our children. Children are a huge influence on Americas’ future. So, the real question is; is everything that is marketed to them ethical? Our children’s physical health is vital to keeping this country going strong. Junk food and soda diets have affects; we need to teach our children the benefits of eating healthy. The side effects of such products like soda pop and junk food have been thoroughly studied to understand the effects to be expected. A study was done on 275 young Arabic women between the ages of ten and twenty two with a mean of sixteen point two years. This study showed that eighty two percent of girls drank soda at some point in their life. Forty one percent of the women did not currently drink soda and sixty nine percent of those nondrinker quit because they thought it was harmful. (Mahmood, 2008) Although the women admitted to knowing that consuming soda caused harmful side effects on bones, body weight, and teeth; they continued to drink soda. When a blood test was taken, the sodium levels in the blood were far less in nondrinkers then in soda drinkers. Students moved from drinking dairy products to drinking soda products. Soda is cheaper to buy and easier to get ahold of compared to dairy products. This decrease in milk consumption leads to less calcium intake. In a urine sample, excretion of calcium in drinkers was higher than nondrinkers. This results in higher risk of broken bones and fractures in active humans. More milk consumption and less...

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