Marketing the Buick Brand

Topics: General Motors, Buick, Automobile Pages: 4 (2073 words) Published: October 30, 2014

Marketing the Buick Brand
Bryan Van Horn
Cardinal Stritch University
Marketing: MGT 426
August 18, 2014
Table of Contents
General Motors History3
The Buick Brand6
Buick Customer Analysis6
Current Marketing Strategies8
Pricing: Objectives and Policies8
Product/Service9Promotion 10
Placement 11
Conclusion and Recommendations 11
References 12
Appendix 13
Buick is one of four brands in the General Motors line-up of automobiles. In an effort to increase sales, General Motors is rebranding the Buick image to appeal to a broader spectrum of customers. Historically, Buick has often been thought of as “a brand for older customers” (Healey, 2012). Buick now sees an opportunity to challenge that image because of potential new market segments; higher income distribution is creeping into younger, tech-savvy age groups and there has been a dramatic rise of the upper middle-class in China. By borrowing lessons learned from European automakers regarding style and service, Buick can deliver a quality, attractive product. General Motors History

General Motors was incorporated in Detroit in 1908 by its founder, William Durant. Durant chose Detroit for its abundant carriage manufacturing labor force. Americans were eager to replace their horse-drawn carriages with the newly invented automobile and General Motors was soon to become the Nation’s largest automobile producer. As a testament to early marketing strategies, the first provincial president of the Republic of China, Dr. Sun Yatsen, was photographed during his 1912 inaugural parade, riding in a Buick.

source: With a fleet of well-healed bankers to finance him, Durant acquired companies such as Old’s Motor Works, Oakland Motor Car Co. (Pontiac), Cadillac, Champion Ignition Company (AC Spark Plug), Rapid Motor Vehicle Company (GMC...

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