Marketing Test Questions

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Chapter 7 – Discussion Questions
Question 11.
How do marketers deal with e-WOM and how do they conduct a viral marketing campaign that had credibility?

Due to the rise in the Internet and social media and networking sites, e-WOM has increased greatly. Marketers have constantly checked on reviews about their company and products online. Marketers should be aware while conducting an e-WOM campaign and how they use the internet technology so that they do not portray a deceptive image. Viral marketing is one of the key parts to e-WOM. It looks at the strategy that encourages an individual to pass on a good message about the company or a product to others that creates a positive growth for the company. A campaign must provide some specific standards and of interest to the receiver that shows valuable information that could go viral. Some companies adopt humor and jingles in their campaigns for it to become popular. Viral marketers must motivate people to share the information for the purpose of entertainment and acknowledgement or to help others.

Chapter 8 – Discussion Questions
Question 3.
Some consumer behavior researches maintain that the family rather than the individual should be the unit of analysis in consumer behavior. What are the advantages and disadvantages of using the family as the unit of analysis?

Firstly, the advantages of using family as a unit of analysis are, a product is often used by several members of the same family. For example; hand wash or detergent. Next, demographic variable such as social class will remain the same for all family members. Lastly, family members often have an influence on each other and also make purchase decisions together. Such as, a mother would always have a big influence on what the other family members eat because she is the one who buys food such as groceries for the family.

However, the disadvantages are that marketers must explore more on the consumption patterns and roles played by different...
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