Marketing Term Report

Topics: Marketing, Brand, Coffee Pages: 18 (4782 words) Published: April 3, 2013

Nescafe is looking to attract and retain a young and enthusiastic individuals

Market. Nescafé at the same time is targeting young female market too which it feels

potentially very strong in terms of coffee in Pakistan . These potential consumers are

urban based, and are not price sensitive when purchasing coffee but never the less still

take it into account. They currently favor café coffee and do not frequently purchase

instant coffee. Nescafe is looking to be the leading brand of instant coffee within the

supermarket café coffee market. Nescafe aim to encourage potential consumers to buy

our new café menu range through the perception of the brand with respect to

competitors within the gourmet segment.

In the SWOT Analysis We have detailed Nescafe’s strengths weaknesses

and opportunities in the current market using demographic trends, historical

contexts, industry analyses, market analyses, competitor analyses and market

segmentation. Nescafe’s then follows this with the Marketing Objectives and Behavioral

responses of the consumers.

We also identified a completely new segment of innovative consumers who are

willing to have a different feel of the coffee flavor. We introduced 3 different flavors

under the umbrella of Nescafe with the name of Nescafe Kappi Kottai Coffee with

different SKU’S in Pakistan to attract variety seekers in Pakistan. Coffee under the

name of Nescafe Kappi Kottai targeting the youth especially the young and exciting

students and those who want to look different, stylish and sexy


1. History of the company____________________________________________ 4

2. Current Market Situation___________________________________________ 4

3. Market Description_______________________________________________ 5

4. Product Review__________________________________________________ 5

5. Competitive Review______________________________________________ 6

6. Channels and Logistic Review______________________________________ 7

7. Swot Analysis___________________________________________________ 8

8. Basic objectives of Nescafe________________________________________ 9 9. Marketing strategy_______________________________________________ 9

10. Product strategy________________________________________________ 10

11. Postioning ____________________________________________________ 10

12. Price Strategy__________________________________________________ 11

13. Place_________________________________________________________ 12

14. Promotion Strategy______________________________________________ 13

15. Marketing Research_____________________________________________ 14

16. Introduction of new Kappi Kottai Kold Coffee__________________________ 15

17. Target Market__________________________________________________ 17

18. SKU_________________________________________________________ 17

19. Product_______________________________________________________ 18

20. Price__________________________________________________________19

21. Place________________________________________________________ 19

22. Distribution Scenerio____________________________________________ 20

23. Promotion___________________________________________________ 20

24. Product______________________________________________________ 21

25. Actions Program_______________________________________________ 21

26. Control______________________________________________________ 22

History of the company

Original of Nescafe was born in Switzerland; it was the largest industrial company. Nescafe was the top 10 companies of the world. Nescafe got a Flagship Coffee Brand and make income to Nestle (Thailand) mostly. Nescafe was market share about 80% from total coffee market about 12,000...
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