Marketing Study of a Tutorial Services Agency

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Marketing study determines the reliability of the entire study. The chapter depicts the past and future demand and supply for the service and analyses to determine the market position of the proposed project. Marketing is defined as the area of management responsible for researching and satisfying customer needs. (University of Auckland Business School, n.d.) Relevant questions for the study answered by the target market are presented in this chapter. All other aspects affecting the demand and supply are also discussed including accessibility of the location, the sources of marketing demand and supply and the probability of future income for the business. The market share of the proposed project will also be determined on this chapter. There is a need to take into consideration every susceptible aspect of the market because the success of the business greatly depends on satisfying the demand from the customers and the methods used by the business to capitalize on these.

Target Market Description The business will be situated at 2nd floor, Tierra Linda Pampanga's Best Building, along Jose Abad Santos Avenue, City of San Fernando, Pampanga. City of San Fernando is the capital of Pampanga where a number private schools and establishments are located. The target customers are the elementary students studying in private schools in the City of San Fernando nearest to the location of the office. These are the University of the Assumption, San Lorenzo Ruiz Center for Schools and Studies, Asian Montessori Center, Mary the Queen Academy of Pampanga and Mexico Ecumenical Development Center for Children, Inc. Parents looking for a trustworthy and trained tutor can come to the business and have one. Whiz will guarantee that only screened persons, particularly the licensed teachers, fit for the job will be deployed by the business. The trust of the parents to the establishment is the prospect of the proponents so that patronage is maintained all throughout the elementary years of the tutee. 29

University of the Assumption Department of Accountancy Feasibility Study Market Survey for Tutorial Agency Greetings! We are fourth year accountancy students from the University of the Assumption working on our feasibility study for agency offering tutorial services. Please help us through filling out this survey form. Kindly put a check mark on your answers. Thank you for your participation. Child’s Information Name: Address: School: Grade Level: Age: Gender: ___ Male ___ Female

Questions Related to the Study 1. Do you believe in the improvement that tutorials can bring to your child’s studies? ___ Yes ___ No

2. How many times in a week should a child take his/her tutoring session? ___ twice ___ weekdays ___ others, specify ___ thrice ___ weekends


3. How long should a child spend for each session? ___ one hour ___ three hours ___ two hours ___ others, specify

4. How much do you think should be paid for a one hour tutorial session? ___ P200 – P250 ___ P250 – P300 ___P300 – P350 ___ P350 – P400

5. Do you know tutors who are hired through an agency? ___ Yes ___ No

6. Do you have a current tutor for your child? ___ Yes 7. If yes, is the current tutor a teacher? ___ Yes 8. ___ No ___ No

If no, will you consider hiring a tutor from an agency for your child to improve his/her academic performance in school? ___ Yes ___ No

9. On summer vacation, will you consider hiring a tutor for your child to get him/her ready for the incoming school year? ___ Yes ___ No

10. What summer courses would your child be interested in? ___ Math ___ Science ___ English Proficiency ___ others, specify


Survey Summary Survey questionnaires are given to 100 respondents to determine the demand and other information to be considered in the proposed business. The following graphs show the results and analyses of the survey.

General Information



Male Female

Figure 3.0 Gender Fifty-five...
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