Marketing Stratigy of Bangla Link.’

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Term Paper On

‘Marketing Stretegy OF Bangla Link’

Prepared for
Masud Ibn Rahman
Assistant professor
‘Department of commerce’
Daffodil International University.

Prepared by
Md : Zahirul Islam
Program: B.Com (Hon’s)
ID: 043-18-522
Batch: 5th

Submission Date:

The Lecturer
Masum Ibn Rahman
Department Of ‘commerce
Daffodil International University.

Subject: Submission Of Term Paper On ‘Marketing Stratigy Of Bangla Link.’

I would like to inform you that I am going to submit the term paper which I have made.

So I hope that you will give me the permission to submi the term paper to you which I have made.

Yours truly,
Md: Mofakhkharul Islam.
ID: 043-18-540
5th Batch.


First of all I will thank my respected teacher Mrs: Tanjina Hossain for geving me this topic. Without her help I can’t make this term paper. I would also like to thank the officials of bangle link who helps me by giving appropriate information when I have gone to their office to collect some information for making my term paper.

Executive Summary

There is no denying the fact that Banglalink wants to bring mobile telecommunication freedom at lower cost and to make mobile affordable for customer. Banglalink started their business operation from 10th February 2005, within the short span of time, Banglalink understands people's needs best and that’s why they maintain the quality of service. They offer their service and give appropriate communication services to improve people's life and make it easier. All members of the Banglalink family are highly passionate individuals, fully committed to achieving their vision. Though Banglalink is in now growth stage and there are many competitors in telecommunication business in Bangladesh, so Banglalink has to face different problems whenever they wants to introduce new product (prepaid, post paid) and services. I tried to focus the different sector of Banglalink. I focus on the marketing strategy of Banglalink in the telecommunication market. From the analysis of the Banglalink Project I have got much information about their different department such as human resource, management sector, information technology etc. First of all, I have done internal and external analysis based on people, existing product, existing price, place, promotion, process and physical evidence of Banglalink for finding out the solution of that problem. I have made SOWT analysis and projected some implications of all strengths, weakness, opportunities and threats. After that, I have determined some objectives to provide rationale of our purpose. I have discussed some changes in the marketing mix by keeping adjustment with the alternatives and the current resources of Banglalink. As well as, I have proposed some action steps for implementing those alternatives and I have introduced some control system related with existing control system. Over there, I also mentioned the key features and facilities of Banglalink.

Table Of Content’s

|Feachrs |Pages | |1. Company Introduction. |8-10 | |2. SWOT Analysis. |11 | |3. Market Segmentation Strategy. |12-15 | |4. Market Tergeting Strategy. |15-16 | |5. Positioning Strategy. |17-18 | |6....
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