Marketing Strategy with Criticism

Topics: Marketing, Strategic management, Marketing plan Pages: 3 (757 words) Published: March 18, 2011
MKT 4010
Marketing strategy for Management

Nowadays in any business success, marketing always plays as a key part and have the most important role in doing business around the world. According to the economic in the real world nowadays is quite down, it makes many companies were shut downed or took over, and also have a new business enter in the market so the marketing is the important factor to make the business running and succeed. Marketing is the process of introducing and promoting the new product or service to the market and achieve the company’s objective, customer’s need, and competitors. Although we can achieve these goals, but the success marketer have to more concern and responding to a criticism, and use it to adjust the weakness and develop to be better, then the marketing will be succeed in the business world. In the modern business, the goals of every company are to satisfy customers and gain high profit. To achieve this, the companies must have a good marketer and good marketing. The basic before doing marketing and lead to be success is a marketing planning. Marketing plan is considered a part of an overall business plan, it is widely used by businesses from all areas of industry to implement the components of marketing management. The process of marketing plan involves marketing analyses, strategy development, and implement marketing program. Having a marketing plan will let the company identify our customer's needs and wants. The company needs to work out how we will reach and win new customers and make sure that they will be happy and remain satisfied of the services we are providing them. Company needs to always review and keep on improving everything to stay ahead of the competition. If don’t have any marketing, how the business runs and success. There are many factors that business has to concern such an economic, environment, competitors, politic, barrier in the market, and etc. According to the theory of “Five Force...
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