Marketing Strategy & Personality

Topics: Brand, Stock market, Marketing Pages: 2 (506 words) Published: January 21, 2013
Phase 2 – Discussion Board
Korrin Moss
Colorado Technical University
Professor Mickeal Donald
January 15, 2013

Strategy and Personality
Marketing strategies are a way for a business to develop and maintain goals and capabilities. The company’s mission statement is a part of this process (Armstrong, 2013). Knowing what the company’s purpose and what it wants to accomplish helps move the strategies further. For my research, I chose the company Canon. They are number 30 on the Interbrand Best Global Brands 2012 list. To be honest, I have never given ‘brand’ much thought or how it could be of value. By doing research for this assignment, I have found that ‘my client’ needed brand research itself for a global audience. According to Interbrand, their tagline did not translate well in the Chinese market. Therefore, Interbrand helped create a new tagline that would focus on the emotional connection with its customers (Creating and managing brand value: Canon, 2013). Brand value can be a company’s best asset. Having a brand can boost book and stock market value. According to a study by Interbrand and JP Morgan, brands can create more than a third of the shareholders’ value (Brand Valuation: The finanical value of brands, 2013). Having a brand helps create a relationship with its customers and leads to an increase in products and services. As for brand personality, I would say that the population awareness would be ‘prompted’ versus ‘spontaneous.’ When someone mentions what they use for a camera or printer, Canon is not always the first thing you think of. However, when you see it, you know it and you know it is of high quality. If my client had a human personality, it would be dependable, trustworthy and personable. If I were to compare them to someone, I would compare them to my grandfather, Frank. He has traveled the world and has ‘captured’ many memories. He may be from an older generation, but he embraces the future. He has...

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