Marketing & Strategy on Emirates Airline

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Assessment Front Cover Sheet
Course / Programme: MBA
Module: MBA4059 Strategic Management & Marketing
Module Tutor: Dr. Tony Ayoola
Assignment Number: One of one (100% of final mark)
Assignment Title: Case Study Based Analysis
Assignment Length: [5613 – 1843 (cover sheet and reference words)] = 4499 Words Issue Date: 22nd February 2013
Submission Deadline: 22nd April 2013

Please submit this form with the completed assessment.
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Signed (student name): TH1OCD 1209142

Table of Contents
Table Page #
Emirates Airline and Emirates Group 5
Business Objectives 6
Business Goals 6
PART - 1
Strategic capabilities of Emirates Airline 7
Threshold Capabilities and Distinctive Capabilities of an organization 8 Threshold Capabilities of Emirates8
Distinctive Capabilities of Emirates 9
Cost Efficiency of Emirates Airline10
Core Competences for Accomplishing and Sustaining Competitive Advantage 12 Value of Strategic Capabilities14
The Value Network/ Value Chain14
Critical Success Factors15
Competitor analysis/Strategic Group Mapping and Benchmarking16 Benchmarking17
Major competitors of Emirates 17
* Airline operators 17
* Etihad Airways18
* Qatar Airways 18
* Air Arabia19
Market share Comparison19
SWOT Analysis of Emirates Airline20
SWOT Analysis Summary 21
PART - 2
Organizational Structure and impacts on its strategic capabilities22 * Functional Structure23
* Matrix Structure23
* Transnational Structure23
* Project based Structures23
* Multidivisional Structure24
Emirates Group Structure24
Emirates Airline key Departments 25
* Commercial Operations 25
* Destination Development26
* Pricing, Airfare & Yield Management27
* Business resource & Process development27
* Customer relations, Service enhancements & Administration28 * Commercial Support 28
Internal Environment29
Analysis of strategic capabilities and sustainable competitive advantage of Emirates Airline

The Emirates Airline as an organization has been chosen for this assignment which has been based on its apparent strategic capabilities and how it sustains competitive advantage in the airline industry.

The study will analytically assess Emirates Airline’s strategic competencies, commercial strategies, short and long term plans, corporates level objectives and goals. The case study also highlights Emirates responses in a competitive atmosphere. The research study highlights various challenges faced by the airline within local market and the international market.

The report will analyze Emirates Internal environmental context and relate this to the implementation of the strategy. Furthermore the research will analyze how the structure of the organization affects strategic capabilities and how Emirates Airline will ensure its long term growth and success. Emirates Airline & the Emirates Group

Emirates started its maiden flight in 1985 from Dubai with only two aircraft and today it is the world’s fastest growing international airline. The airline formed part of the Emirates group which became a multinational enterprise in the world of aviation industry, providing the highest standards of quality services. The Dubai Government owned airline developed in operation and importance by deploying and implementing its...

References: * Hubert Saint-Onge, (2000), “Strategic Capabilities”, Knowinc - - [Access on 6 April, 2013]
* Jackson
* Johnson. G, Scholes, K., Whittington, R., (2008) “Organizational structure” Exploring Corporate Strategy: Text & Cases, 8th ed, Pearson Education, UK.
* Kotler
* Wilson. G, (2005), Emirates - The Airline of the Future, London and Dubai, - - [Access on 14 March 2013]
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