Marketing Strategy of Nokia

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With all this technology available in the communications market it is  obvious that Nokia will have lots of competition, they include: 

* Sony Ericsson 

* Samsung 

* Motorola 

* Siemens 

* Panasonic 

* NEG 

* Sagem and 

* Toplux 

With all of these competitors in the market Nokia must keep ahead of  the game by running successful marketing strategies, to do this Nokia  must focus on the principles of marketing. At the moment Nokia are the  world's best selling phone company (see table below which shows market  share). Nokia strengthened its lead as the No. 1 vendor in the market  during 2000 with shipments growing 66 percent over 1999. Some of the  company's success was attributed to a strong second half in 2000 when  59 percent of sales occurred. 

1. Nokia 37.2% (34.7% 1Q02) 

2. Motorola 17.3% (15.5%) 

3. Samsung 9.8% (9.6%) 

4. Siemens 8.5% (8.8%) 

5. Sony-Ericsson 5.2% (6.4%) 

Marketing principles 

There are many priorities within a business, but in a marketing  orientated company like Nokia, many of the following principles will  be high on the agenda: 

1. Customer satisfaction: Market research must be used to find out  whether customers' expectations are being met by current products  or services. 

2. Customer perception: this is based on the images consumers have  of the organization and its products, this can be based on; value  for money, product quality, fashion and product reliability. 

3. Customer needs and expectations: This is anticipating future  trends and forecasting for future sales. This is vital to any  organization if they wish to keep their entire current market  share and develop more. 

4. Generating income or profit: This principle clearly states that  the need of the organization is to be profitable enough to  generate income for growth and to satisfy stakeholders in the  business. Although satisfying the customer is a big part of a  companies plans they also need to take into account their own  needs, such as: 

5. Making satisfactory progress: Organizations need to make sure  that their product is developing along with the market, if a  product is developing well, then income should increase, if not  then the marketing strategy should be revised. 

6. Be aware of the environment: An organization should always know  what is happening within their designated market, if it is  changing, saturation, technological advances, slowing down or  rapidly growing, being up to date on this is essential for  companies to survive. 

There are also certain external factors that a company should be very  aware of, such as P.E.S.T factors (political, environmental, social  and technological) and also S.W.O.T (strength, weakness, opportunity  and threat). A business must take into account all these constraints  when designing and introducing a marketing strategy. 


Political factors- Legal constraints (such as the G3 technology  constraints that Nokia have to take into consideration) must be taken  into account because many businesses aim to make a profit so they may  be tempted to mislead their customers about prices, quality of  products and the availability of their products. They may also try to  cut expenditure by using lesser quality materials in their products  (such as weaker materials for Nokia cases and batteries), also some  companies may also dispose their waste in ways that damage the  environment (pollution) and not ensuring high standards of hygiene and  safety in the workplace and outlet stores, all of these are illegal  and can leave companies in big legal trouble. 

The governmental bodies in the U.K have introduced new laws into the  business environment, which ensure that none of these procedures take  place; if a company is to be successful they must follow all of these  laws. 

Environmental social and ethical factors- some businesses view profits  are more valuable then a strong ethical...
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