Marketing Strategy of India Yamaha Motor Pvt Ltd.

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The objective of this project is to identify and analyze the marketing strategies of automobile industry in two wheeler segment. Through this study I am able to find out the present status of the automobile industry (2-wheeler) in India. In this project I also review other research done for the 2-wheeler bikes. Through this project I study the distribution and marketing strategy adopt by YAMAHA Company. This project help me know about the most influencing media to create awareness regarding 2-wheelers. “The marketer’s watchwords are quality, service, and value.”   ….. Philip Kotler

The study on changing perception of customer would help us:- 1. To know the change in demand pattern of the customer.
2. It would help us understanding the changes in the requirements & preferences. 3. Study of perception act as a ladder to develop new product.

As learning is a human activity and is as natural, as breathing. Despite of the fact that learning is all pervasive in our lives, psychologists do not agree on how learning takes place. How individuals learn is a matter of interest to marketers. They want to teach consumers in their roles as consumers. They want consumers to learn about their products, product attributes, potential consumers benefit, how to use, maintain or even dispose of the product and new ways of behaving that will satisfy not only the consumer’s needs, but the marketer’s objectives.

The scope of my study restricts itself to the analysis of consumer preferences, perception, opinion, feedback and purchase of Yamaha Bike. There are many other Companies prevailing in market with their models but my study is limited to two- wheeler segment of Yamaha. The scope of my study is also restricts itself to Nagpur region only.

In India, a two-wheeler is used as a personal/family vehicle or a goods carrier, whereas it is confined to sports/racing (heavy motorcycles) or short distance shopping (mopeds). The project has been done in a systematic manner right from investigating the objective and breaking it down to the various components to arrive at final conclusions on possible parameters to study the customer satisfaction level toward dealer services. An attempt has been made to understand the satisfaction level of the customers toward dealer services depending on the profile, i.e. customer income, demographics such as age, gender, occupation, etc. Based on analysis and what was found, I have tried to develop that the players will have to compete on various fronts viz pricing, technology, product design, productivity, after sale service, marketing and distribution. In the short term, market shares of individual manufacturers are going to be sensitive to capacity, product acceptance, pricing and competitive pressures from other manufacturers. According to the survey, All the three segments, motorcycles, scooters and mopeds have witnessed capacity additions in the last one-year and it will continue in the upcoming period. Over this period, only the motorcycle segment is expected witness higher demand vis-à-vis supply, while the scooters and mopeds supply will outstrip demand. As incomes grow and people feel the need to own a private means of transport, sales of two-wheelers will rise. While buying a motorcycle economy is the main consideration in form of maintenance cost, fuel efficiency. Hero Honda is considered to be most fuel-efficient bike on India road till now.

Doing business without marketing & advertising is like winking at a girl in the dark. You know what you are doing but she does not. That statement cropped up in 1956 in a New York Herald column & has held true for all advertising ever since. Automotive advertising has accounted for some of biggest spend in history. But it’s not all about the money. Automotive advertising has also...

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