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Men’s fashion in Bangladesh has still not reached the heights of international standards. We are still very much behind the trends that the world follows. In the dynamic world of fashion, very few brands can claim domination for years. However, we do have a few success stories. Some of the brands of our country have managed to keep up with the expectations of the market through their goodwill, brand loyalty and a vision to be even better. One name that can be easily related to the Bangladeshi men’s fashion industry is Cats Eye.

One name that can be easily related to the Bangladeshi men’s fashion industry is Cats Eye. The pioneer of Bangladeshi men’s fashion industry began their journey in 1980. Since then we have seen the emergence of several other fashion houses in this industry but Cats Eye continues to be the trendsetters of men’s fashion in Bangladesh. The growing influence of globalization has assured this highly populated country to be a big market for men’s fashion wear.

Cats Eye is the pioneer of the men’s fashion industry since 1980 and steadily established itself to be the strongest player in the fashion industry. It is the parent company of Monsoon Rain and Unlimited. Cats Eye recently received ISO-2000 certification for the quality of its product and design. The company has 17% of the total market share of the men’s fashion industry. Cats Eye’s target market consists of the upper middle class and the upper class.

Company Background

In 1980, Cats Eye began their journey in the form of a small shop in Green Super Market that sold all most everything from candies to ornaments. The founders, Mr. Sayeed Siddiqui Rumi and Mrs. Ashrafun Siddiqui Dora, had kept a small part of that shop for shirts that they designed by themselves. They got a good response from the enthusiastic young men of Dhaka. Therefore, Mrs. Ashrafun Siddiqui decided that they would only sell designer clothes for men. In 1983, the couple rented a floor space in Mansur Bhaban, Elephant Road. That was the official inception of Cats Eye in the form of a small family business.

Profile of the Organization

After 25 successful years, today Cats Eye consists of three men's fashion brands, 29 outlets; own manufacturing plant, production capacity of 1500 units per day, 550 employees & a brand image engraved in consumer’s mind. Cats Eye stands as a creative image-maker, marketing and designing under its own label. The mission that leads this company is “To create a style statement that suits the discerning individual, while keeping a stringent eye on quality yet being affordable”. The unique styles are created based on years of experience and keeping up with global trends that have placed their brands as the leader in the market.

Sister Concerns

Until 1993, there was a vacuum in the men’s fashion market for a clothing line for the executives. Thus, Cats Eye introduced a new line of products under the new brand name Monsoon Rain as a sister concern of Cats Eye. In 1998, Cats Eye launched another brand of Men's Wear under the name Cats Eye Unlimited, to satisfy the stylish men’s casual wear segment. Although, they launched Ruby Red, a very trendy brand for the young and stylish executive, it was eventually closed due to the wrong placement of the showroom.

Products of Cats Eye

Since 1980, Cats Eye stands for quality in the men’s fashion industry of Bangladesh. Only the best quality imported fabrics are used under close supervision and constant monitoring to meet the expectations of the consumers’ and to keep pace with the latest fashion trends. Comprehensive structured section-by-section checking and testing, professional designers and motivated workforce ensures excellence. Cats Eye has state of the art sewing and processing facilities to produce worthy garments.

As Cats Eye aspires to be a brand equivalent to any international brand, it provides a various range to the consumers. The following products...
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