Marketing Strategy In Japan

Topics: Personal care / Pages: 3 (967 words) / Published: Mar 19th, 2015
Marketing strategy in Japan
While a company launches new foreign country entering operations, how to make an outstanding advertising, pricing and distribution strategies are essential to distinguish within the business (Bowman et al, 1995). According to Euromomitor International (2013), personal care products are famous for enrich organic and other pure and natural ingredients, a large amount of top-edge firms via different kinds of distribution channels, such as supermarkets, individual care specialists and department of shops. Nevertheless, Chinese herbal ingredients beauty care products are still a blank place in the current Japanese skin care market, however, a local herbal personal care named XXX provides a concept called “Naturals Equal Health”, hence, this local brand could be regarded as the main competitor for the Herborist in the market. Although, XXX holds the certification from the International Halal certifier IFRC-Asia, but, a certification comes from EU could also help Herbrist strength its competitiveness, as EU has a more restrict entry standard. In order to win the marketing campaign, develop a high brand expose could be an ideal way to increase its current low brand awareness, this should be considered as a must tackled mission for the Herborist. Therefore, the Herborist should accomplish a constant and aggressive tactics, and the tactics in the Japanese market should apply the social media such as the advertisements at the TV program or attach sample products on the fashionable issues.
For the purpose of increasing Herborist’s brand awareness and the core value of the Chinese culture in the Japanese skin market, The Tai Chi line of the Herborist could be considered as the most representative and distribute products in the Japanese market. During the differentiation tactics, the price of the Tai Chi line would be placed at roughly £40. Obviously, companies with highly inimitable and differentiated products could be priced at the premium level

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