Marketing Strategy for a Brewery

Topics: Pittsburgh Steelers, Pittsburgh, Advertising, Marketing, Middle class / Pages: 2 (352 words) / Published: Apr 28th, 2013
Marketing Strategy We will have an outstanding marketing operation. Everyone has a smart phone and spends a considerable amount of their time using it. We will exploit this opportunity. We are going to become a sponsor of some of the beer forums such as Beeradvocate and beerforum. Doing this will get us established with beer aficionados and they will have good things to say about us on the forums. Since we are Big Bens Brewery we are going to run an ad on the Pittsburgh Steelers website and buy the title official brewery of the Pittsburgh Steelers. We will also start a facebook page and actively update it with news about the brewery and advertise our current promotions and specials. Once we buy the official brewery of the Pittsburgh Steelers title we are going to run the bulk of our television and radio commercials during Steeler games. We will also buy billboard space at Heinz Field and other places throughout Pittsburgh. We believe that our title and advertising during the games will bring gargantuan amounts of customers during games. Since Ben is on the board of directors we will also have him make a few appearances at the brewery throughout the year. During the off season we still plan to buy billboard space at Heinz Field and throughout Pittsburgh. We will shift our television advertising to other networks and programs that we believe our target market watches. Gordon Ramsey is on our board of directors and he designed the recipes for some our dishes. He has numerous television shows about cooking and saving failing restaurants on BBC America. BBC America also has other shows that target upper middle class people such as Topgear and The Copper. We believe that advertising on BBC America will bring us lots of customers because their viewers are upper middle class and people that like Gordon Ramsey will come to eat some of the dishes that he designed. We will also run commercials during the local television and radio news. Lastly we will also put an

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