Marketing Strategy at Ipl

Topics: Brand, Coca-Cola, Advertising Pages: 3 (1164 words) Published: November 12, 2012
IPL Bonanza
We are surrounded by brands throughout the day. Right from getting up in the morning and using our first thing toothpaste to dressing up for the day to driving a car and so on. In such a scenario an event like IPL which wins the hearts of so many people and is viewed by all age groups is mouth-watering for brands to catch attention of perspective customers. This could be the make or break scenario for brands. If you advertise effectively it could help you build your brand name and if your competitor does it before you it might affect your presence in the market. Thought the opportunity is huge the investment is also big. Let us see how different brands used their television advertisements during this IPL for brand building. To start with the honours I would like to put a brand which is known for its daring image. Yes its Thumps Up which previously had the tagline “Taste the thunder” with Akshay Kumar as an ambassador. Now came up with this amazing new concept of “Aj kuch toofani karte hain”. It had a very strong message which was in line with the previous image it had made. Also the innovative thinking and twists in the advertisements were worth watching. Competing with Thumps Up was Mountain Dew which had the tagine “Ab Dar ko mar Dew”. It was a decent advertisement with good eye catchy stunts and good colours used in the advertisements. Nimbooz and 7up came up with an interesting advertisement which had a nice peppy music “I feel Up”. The one thing which differentiated it from both Thumps Up and Mountain Dew was that instead of focussing on a daring style it focussed on a chill type of lifestyle. Pepsi on the other hand came up with the tagline “Change the game” which was specifically used to target the next generation with showing the interest of the youth in football. Featuring Dhoni, Harbhajan, Raina and kohli was also a smart move as they are the youth icons. Limca which came up with the advertisement of Kareena Kapoor was effective enough...
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