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“Cub Foods” is the company which started the business in 1968. Cub foods begins with an idea to redefine grocery retail in the Midwest - Consumers United for Buying... Cub Foods currently operates 108 stores in Minnesota, Wisconsin, Illinois & Iowa, with 56 of those stores located in the Minneapolis/St. Paul metro area. Cub Foods has served the customers more comfortable by providing the best grocery value to customers. Cub views consumers as the driving force behind the business goals and strategies. Cub continues to offer the premier value for consumers' dollars. All of the business units and operations teams consistently work to identify and support business initiatives that are environmentally-friendly, ranging from promoting customer involvement in the company's recycling programs to further reduce energy usage in stores and offices. Cub Foods also cares about the environment. The stores have been involved in plastic bag recycling since 2004. More than 1 million lbs. of plastic bags are recycled through this program each year.

Cub has joined forces with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency's Green Chill Advanced Refrigeration Partnership. This program promotes green technologies, strategies and practices that protect the ozone layer and reduce greenhouse gases. By signing the Green Chill Partnership pledge, Cub Foods has expanded its environmental stewardship efforts by using only non-ozone-depleting refrigerants in all refrigerated cases, reducing the store's carbon footprint.

Key Issues
The objectives or goals of company;
Cub foods want to become the famous grocery shop which gives the full benefits for their customers. Shopping cart at Cub has the large size which the customers will be comfortable and convenient to carry things. Customers can find almost everything they need under one roof. Cub foods have the merchandises between 35000-49000 items in the store. Even though the store is huge but there are many sign points to lead you to each section. It will save your time to purchase things. The Cub Foods store is different from the other conventional store such as they are using the less cost on advertising but rely on mouth to mouth advertising.

The problems of the company are facing;
Cub foods cannot sell almost everything in the lowest price such as meats. Even the Store is cheaper than others but it located more far than others too.

SWOT Analysis
Cub foods has been a leader in shaking up the food industry and forcing many conventional supermarkets to lower prices, increasing services and in some case go out of business. They sell the products in low price and the discounts are very high which is 30 % off. Cub foods has the products between 35000 to 49000 items so the consumers can find every merchandise under one roof. It can be fulfilled the customer’s need. Cub foods has a simple approach to grocery retailing: low prices, made possible by rigidly controlled costs and high-volume sales. Weaknesses:

Even though, Cub has a simple approach which sells products in low prices but they have some of the product cannot be sold in the lowest price such as meat. The location which is very far so some shoppers must drive more than 50 miles to visit Cub foods. Opportunities:

Cub can save money from advertising which is 25 percent less than other chains. The new customer can know their store by using word of mouth advertising. Cub foods sell lots of products so they can get more attraction from the customer. The store has the wider shopping carts which are intended to suggest buying expansion from consumers. Threats:

The stores are too large so the services may not cover every customer. Analysis
1. List at least five marketing tactics Cub Foods employs in its stores to increase the probability of purchase?
Cup Foods implements a behavioral strategy, including consumer promotions, and Affective strategy to...

References: 
 Peter and Olsen, Consumer Behavior and Marketing Strategy (7th edition)
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