Marketing Strategy

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Coca Cola and Pepsico are the two greatest competitors in soft drink industry. The marketing skills that these companies possess are the reasons both Coca Cola and Pepsico are so successful. The marketing tactics the companies use and how they compare to each other. The use of new technologies, advertising and political environments that will include when determining what affects the marketing strategies the companies choose to take.

The purpose of this report is to evaluate the marketing strategy of the products using marketing tools and techniques.
To carry out this assessment I will:
1) Identify the marketing techniques used by the companies.
2) Analyse the company structure and provide different marketing objectives, strategies and programmes.

Marketing is a general term used to describe all the various activities which involves transferring goods and services from producers to consumers. The functions of marketing includes advertising, sales promotion, marketing also encompasses product development, packaging, distribution channels and pricing.


Swot Analysis
To gain better understanding of each company I determined some Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats of each company by using marketing tools and techniques.

Coca Cola has been a complex part of the world culture for a very long time. Coca Cola image is displayed on T-shirts and hats. This recognised branding is one of Coca Cola’s greatest strength. It allows them to conduct business on a global scale while at the same time maintain a local approach.

The business needs to be monitored in order to effectively achieve productivity and efficiency in the business’s activities. Coca Cola on the other side has effects on the teeth which is an issue for health care. It also has...
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