Marketing Strategy

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Marketing Strategy of Zara

The purpose of this paper is to analyse the existing marketing strategy of the one of the biggest, worldwide clothes company-Zara. In our research we have chosen this company because it is a well-known brand that is popular amongst young consumers. The company has performed very well with its marketing strategy in the past few years and it is still the top company on the market. The marketing strategy of Zara consists of high turnover in which the company usually has ten thousand single items per year running through their stores (Zara: Cool Clothes Now, Not Later).

History of Zara
Zara’s history begins with the owner of the company, The Inditex Group. Inditex Group is a large company founded in Spain made up of more than 100 companies operating in textile design, manufacturing and distribution. Inditex operates over 5.693 stores in 85 markets. The best well-known brands are: Massimo Dutti, Bershka, Oysho, Pull and Bear, Zara, Zara Home and Stradivarius (Official website of Zara, 2012). Amanico Ortega Gaona, CEO, founder, and Spain’s richest man founded Zara in 1975. Zara’s first store was in la Coruna where the headquarters now lay and featured lower priced lookalikes of high end, popular products selling to women, men, and children. . The group's success and its unique business model, based on innovation and flexibility, have made Inditex one of the biggest fashion retailers in the world. Their approach to fashion – creativity, quality design and rapid turnaround to adjust to changing market demands - has allowed them to expand internationally at a fast pace and has generated an excellent public response to their retailers' collections. Beginning in the nineteen eighties Zara began experimenting with differentiating the design, manufacturing and distributing progression in order to condense lead times and respond faster to new trends. Gaona considered this to be “instant fashion.” Instead of individuals, Zara used...

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