Marketing Strategies of Colgate Palmolive Ltd

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Project Report


Submitted to:

Dr. D.K. Agarwal

Submitted by:

VIVEK DHAR [62066]



❖ Introduction1

❖ Objective2

❖ Methodology3

❖ Company Profile4

❖ Company Strategy6

❖ Marketing Mix15

❖ SWOT Analysis26

❖ Survey Findings28

❖ Retailers Survey34

❖ Conclusion37

❖ Suggestions39

❖ Consumer Questionnaire

❖ Retailer Questionnaire

❖ Bibliography


As early as 3000 B.C. Egyptians used toothbrushes fashioned from twigs. In the 20th century a major design advance occurred in 1938 with the launch of Dr. West’s Miracle Tuft toothbrush, the first nylon bristle brush. Until the late 1970’s toothbrushes were widely viewed by consumer as a commodity and were primarily purchases on price. The involvement remained low and the companies also treated their toothbrushes as an extension, to get their consumers to use their toothpastes. Typically in the Indian market the percentage of toothbrush users has slowly inched upwards. As it has always been associated by the non-users as a non-essential item more so because of their fierce loyalty to the margosa twigg(Datun) and the index finger. The market of late has been the entry of several foreign players and the marketing game has assumed a totally new dimension. Companies are trying to shift to “PULL” strategy of long term returns and the inclination of consumers to shell out a few rupees extra to ensure a more wholesome care of their teeth and gum. This has resulted in rapid growth in value terms. Added to this is the initiative of the companies to focus on expanding the market by bringing the over 65% non-users in their consumer fold. With such vast potential to be exploited, the entry of several new players with their innovative ideas and experience in similar developing markets, the industry is likely to see a lot of action in the immediate future.


The above of the project was manifold.

❖ First of all a general idea of the toothbrush industry - its competitiveness, volume and potential was to be adjudged.

❖ Next was to go on to analysis of the attitudes of a typical consumer and his/her idea/perception of this low involvement category product.

❖ This was to be followed up with the study of Colgate Plus toothbrush, as a typical product of the company, Colgate Palmolive and its standing in the market vis-à-vis other players, especially new entrants.

❖ To amalgamate all above to conclude as to what was to be the future/probable course of the toothbrush industry and Colgate Plus tooth brush in particular.


1. To get an idea of the industry, I went through all the relevant literature we could lay my hands upon. This included A & M’s, Business Today’s.

2. For consumer attitudes, I prepared a questionnaire that was circulated among 70 odd people, well spread out across the whole of Delhi. The same was done with the retailers to try and see the conformity in findings in some specific attributes.

3. The questionnaire was to structured that an idea of brand image and relative studying of various brand could also be elicited.

4. The findings were synthesized, and keeping in mind the new entrants, their potential and the potential of the market, projections were made and conclusions were drawn.


A household name for paste and tooth powder, Colgate Palmolive (India) was established on 23rd September 1937 as a private limited company in Bombay, as a wholly owned subsidiary of Colgate Palmolive Co. Of USA Initially it started with trading activity and later set up manufacturing operations in 1949 at Sewry (Bombay). The company became a public limited company on 5th October 1978. In 1990-91 the company commissioned facilities for fatty acid and toilet soap at Waluj (Aurangabad). The plants at Sewri...
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