Marketing Self Reflection Piece

Topics: Marketing, Strategic management, Management Pages: 2 (421 words) Published: May 4, 2013
Erin Kavka
Assessment #1 (Part A) - Marketing Self-reflection Piece

For an individual and the importance of being to be able to understand your prospective partner or employer and what they need cannot be underestimated. Only then are you in a position to gain and remain with the edge over the competition by presenting yourself and your skills as the way to satisfy that need. I currently work as Office Manager at a fast paced and often chaotic Mobile Music App technology start up. This role not only encompasses the usual business administration, but also includes market research and competitor analysis. As successful marketing is the exchange of mutually beneficial offerings; a successful career exchange would be the trade-off of a hardworking and productive employee and a satisfying career. By segmenting my work landscape, and correctly strategizing and the employment of the right ‘marketing mix’ of my skills I have and will continue to be able to present them as an offering of value for exchange fulfilment of any prospective employers. By segmenting what the organisation or prospective organisation needs you can refer back to your skill set and best present them in the most appealing way. The concept of collecting physical evidence to back claims throughout my career is one that continues to me well. By noting all tangible achievements such as success with increasing sales conversions in past companies through my innovation, the marketing bases approach makes me constantly think back to what does the organisation want and how can I engage the tools at my disposal to ensure that I am the commodity that is satisfying this need.

Before implementing a project a SWOT analysis is an effective tool. This is in any context not just a marketing situation. When presented with a task I will be better situated to pre-empt any obstacles and maximise the results. Even in the example as unrelated to what one would think of marketing as the prospect of moving offices...
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