Marketing Segmentation

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Marketing Segmentation

United Health Care


Professor Knabe

August 26, 2013

Marketing Segmentation: United Health Care

An integral part of a business’s market strategy is market segmentation. Market Segmentation is that process of breaking down a large market into smaller groups of consumers so that they can market more efficiently. Whether you are a consumer oriented company or a business oriented company you should use Market segmentation.

As a health insurance provider our market segmentation is based on research and academic literature. In the health care industry we cover every constituent served by our organization. Out target markets are: Employers

Members-commercial group, individual, Medicare, and Medicaid Network Physicians
Although the orientation of each analysis differs the all have the same basic principles. Experience has led to the belief that the right connections between the conceptual and analytical approaches to derive segments and implementation strategies that clients has found useful for improve marketing efficiency and effectiveness. We have the same general approach to marketing as most health care insurance companies. We just add our own ideas and put a special twist on the presentation of our product when it comes to our marketing strategy. Our primary market segment is our members. The reason being that they are the largest market segment of the four groups. They can be broken down into four groups as well. If we offer market our products in a way that is appealing to the member not only do retain current members but we also attract new members. The process of market segmentation must be conducted with the ability of an organization to address the resulting segments.

We have a fairly large geographic area, with the most of our members being located in the United States of America. We originated in the state of California so most of member or...

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