Marketing: Retailing and Heterogeneous Shopping Product

Topics: Retailing, Product life cycle management, Marketing Pages: 31 (10553 words) Published: March 22, 2013
1.) Dusty Moore has never owned a JVC TV, but his parents owned one and were not at all satisfied. As a result, Dusty won't even consider buying an JVC. As far as Dusty is concerned, JVC has achieved brand _____rejection_________.

2.) Connie Seagroves is shopping for a new pair of jeans. She has had good experiences with Chic jeans in the past and is looking for Chic now. She intends to buy Chic jeans if they have something in her size. If not, she plans to keep wearing the Chic jeans she has as long as possible, planning to continue her search for a good fitting pair of Chic jeans at a later date. This is a good example of: brand insistence.

3.) Marissa, a college student and her father, a wealthy businessman, were each considering the purchase of a new automobile. As a college student with a full-time job, Marissa has considerably more financial resources than most college students. She feels that this car needs to provide a statement of just who she is and wear her drive and ambition are taking her! She is looking for a high quality car with the look of success! She finds very few that provide the kind of self-actualization she's looking for - and each of those has a sticker price in excess of $50,000. Marissa's father however, although extremely wealthy and can easily afford cars in this price range, treats cars as basically the same. He doesn't care what it is as long as it gets him there. Although he visits car dealerships occasionally just to see what's available, he doesn't spend much time at it. He tells Marissa to buy two of whatever she gets (he'll call his bank to take care of the money for his). He buys a car this way whenever he wears one out. He usually drives his cars into the ground - i.e. until they totally wear out then asks whomever he knows who's going car buying to pick up one for him (of whatever they are getting - price is no object). For Marissa, this automobile is a _____heterogeneous shopping good_________ product; for her father, the car is a _____a homogeneous good_________ product.

4.) The ABC company is marketing a rental product that allows the option of self-cremation. Although sounding somewhat bizarre to the common person, the product is targeted to the millions of elderly bedridden patients without family or friends. The buyer simply exchanges their hospital bed for the Self-Crematory Box. The box monitors the occupants heart-beat / brain-wave activity. When both have ceased for 1 hour the box self-seals, brings the temperature inside the box to 6000 degrees and reduces the body inside to a fine white ash which is then deposited in an urn mounted on the side of the box. The box is so well-insulated you can put your hand on top of the box while the cremation process is underway without feeling any heat coming through! The box then sends a radio signal to the company which picks up the box, conducts a thorough cleaning/refueling in prepartion for rental to another customer. There is no competition since no other company has anything like it. The prototype worked so well that the company is planning to make a small number to market test it in Florida (due to the large number of potential customers there). Promotional strategies are being developed and are in the very beginning stage of implementation (first promotions appeared in local newspapers yesterday). What product class is the Self-crematory box in to the target market? new unsought good

5.) Your firm has devised a method of transportation that will eliminate the needs for all forms of mechanical transporation. The product is a form of mental training that, when complete, allows a person to tap into previously unknown parts of his/her brain to use a teleportation talent we all have but don't know to use. Although everone's abilitites are different (just as we run/walk with different abilities) just about every person has this ability in some way or another and when trained can 'think' themselves from...
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