Marketing Research Proposal on Baja Fresh

Topics: Lunch, Economics, Costs Pages: 2 (478 words) Published: December 12, 2005
The Local Store Marketing Research Project will allow Baja Fresh to understand its customers and the local trading area. This is an attempt to bring more customers to Baja Fresh and get them to come back more often.

The LSM program that will be conducted is an effective way to solve specific problems such as poor visibility for the Baja Fresh restaurant. The LSM program will help get the Baja Fresh name out and create awareness for the restaurant. Besides focusing on the customer awareness; we also hope to use LSM to build sales in a way that is both cost and time efficient. In fact, LSM is the best method to build sales with a limited budget because it focuses Baja Fresh' resources on the best potential customers.

Research Objectives
Our research objectives are to find out the location that the customers are coming from, what they were previously doing, and where their next destination is. We would also like to determine if there are more local customers during the lunchtime or dinnertime. After the customers have informed us of their location, we will then use this data to determine the most cost-effective advertising location.

Research Approach
Our approach will involve conclusive research of the descriptive form. It will help aid us in understanding how our customers spend their time surrounding their Baja Fresh experience, and thus who they are. We will be using a cross-sectional study spanning a Thursday through Sunday time period.

Data Analysis
Conducting a Trading Area Review (the steps involved)
1.Enlarge a map of the Trading Area to approximately 24" X 24" with the Baja Fresh location in the center. 2.Draw three circles around your location: the first to represent a one-mile radius from the location; the second two miles from the location and the third three miles from the location. 3.Survey 15 customers during the lunch and dinner brackets. 4.Spend Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday talking...
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