Marketing Research Proposal

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Marketing Research Proposal|
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1. Executive Summary

In recent years, Facebook has seen a spike in mobile traffic. Mobile usage of its platform has grown rapidly with a massive mobile user base. Despite this large growth in mobile usage, Facebook still failed to generate completely satisfaction among its users with the current mobile platform. Therefore, Facebook would like to conduct research in order to investigate the inner reason of dissatisfaction as well as gather ideas for future improvement.

This proposal aim to explore the perception and attitude toward current mobile platform and understand the motivation factors to use competitors’ application. Research objectives and question will be positioned in the proposal and hypothesizes are assumed based on those factors. Moreover, Customer satisfaction model and brand loyalty model will be conducted in order to outline a general context for research design. Both qualitative and quantitative researches are used to gather the sufficient and appropriate information for further analysis. A brief proposed analysis also will be given in the proposal. Furthermore, reporting, timing and budget are included for a clearly understanding of the schedule. In addition, the details of sampling methods can be found in the Appendix.

2.1. Background

Facebook is the world’s largest online social network, which was founded in 2004 and now developed to that a monthly global active user base of more than 955 million people. Facebook connects family and friend and supply a platform for discovering new information and expressing and sharing ideas openly. Major competitors are Google, Microsoft and Twitter.

In recent years, mobile usage of platform is increasing with a total active mobile user base, however, user of the Facebook platform are satisfied with the current mobile application because of reason such as fragmentation of the smartphone market. Meanwhile, Facebook is considering building a revenue model into the mobile application to take advantage of this large subset of users.

2.2. Purpose of research

Based on customer’s research brief provided by our client, the main purpose of this research is to explore what the attitude, perception and product preferences toward Facebook mobile application, and understand the attitudes, perceptions and motivation factors to use competitors’ application.

2.3. Research Objectives

The overall objective is to understand user attitudes and perceptions toward current offerings of Facebook mobile platform and other competitive platform(s) current offerings as well as their preferences for future product features, functionality and advertisements. This has been broken into the following sub- objectives and we have detailed further areas beneath each objective.

1. Determine user perceptions and attitudes of the current mobile platform This object would seek to go beyond the practical uses, and it will attempt to identify what kind of factors in mobile platform can attract or distract them to use mobile platform , and which factors is most important.

2. Determine what features and functionality users desire in the new mobile application

This object will explore why they use mobile application and what expectation about current mobile platform. There will be more detail in explaining what and why they desire in new mobile application.

3. Determine user attitudes and perceptions toward advertisement’s’ displaying on the Facebook mobile application

This object will explore the relationship among user’s attitude, type and quantity of advertisement. The level of satisfaction can reveal the perception about current situation of advertisement’s’ displaying on the Facebook mobile application.

4. Determine what competing platforms are used by Facebook users

This objective will help...
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