Marketing Research on Vodafone Plc

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In Depth strategic analysis of the vodafone group
This report presents an in-depth business; strategic analysis of Vodafone Group Plc.The report provides a comprehensive insight into the company, including strategy formulation, strategy planning, strategy evaluation and selection as well as strategy implementation. This will involve in investigating the organization’s external environment, to identify Opportunities and threats it might face, and its strategic capacity, capabilities to isolate key strengths and weakness as well as indentify the significant of significant of the stakeholder analysis and environment and organizational audit OVERVIEW OF THE COMPANY

A Multi-National Company named Vodafone is one the leading companies in Telecommunication Industry. Vodafone PLC Vodafone is a leading global player in mobile telecommunications. It operates in over 26 countries worldwide. Vodafone has grown rapidly since it was originally formed in 1984. It has responsibilities to its 60,000 staff and 151 million customers and shareholders. Vodafone offers a wide range Products/Services, such as

Voice Services
Social Products
Messaging Services
Vodafone live
Vodafone live! With 3G
USB modems
Vodafone Mobile Connect Data Cards
Roaming Services
Other Business Services
Vodafone was formed in 1984 as a subsidiary of Racal Electronics Plc. Then known as Racal Telecom Limited, approximately 20% of the company's capital was offered to the public in October 1988. Task 01: Strategy Formulation

1.1 Business Strategy
Johnson and Scholars defined business Strategy as follows
"Strategy is the direction and scope of an organization over the long-term: which achieves advantage for the organization through its configuration of resources within a challenging environment, to meet the needs of markets and to fulfill stakeholder expectations". Business strategy is the foundation and core competition of successful business. But there are different types of business strategy. The best business strategies must steer a course between the inevitable internal pressure for business continuity and the demands of a rapidly changing world 1.1.1 Vodafone‘s Business Strategy

Vodafone's current business strategy is to grow through geographic expansion, acquisition of new customers, retention of existing customers and increasing usage through innovations in technology.This is proving a very successful strategy, as is evident from Vodafone's UK success. Vodafone opened the UK's first cellular network on 1 January 1985. It has been the market leader since 1986; its UK networks carry over 100 million calls each week. Vodafone currently has the largest share of the UK cellular market. Vodafone ‘business strategy and their sustainability strategy are inseparable. Meeting society’s needs creates enormous opportunities to grow business. Vodafone aim to identify and focus on the areas where their interventions can address sustainability challenges most effectively at the same time as offering an attractive commercial return for their shareholders. Expanding Vodafone business strategy in emerging markets such as Africa and India is extending access to communications and the social and economic benefits this brings. Vodafone can also make an import ant contribution to development – and to environmental sustainability by enabling a low-carbon society – through bespoke products and services that meet specific needs in local markets. 1.2 Stake Holder Analysis

Stakeholder Analysis is the technique used to identify the key people who have to be won over. On other words it analyse key stakeholders, an assessment of their interests and the ways in which these interests affect the project and its viability. 1.2.1 Videophone ‘s Stake Holders are as follows

1.2.2 Significant of Stakeholder Holder Analysis
The extent to which stakeholders affect the activities of an organisation depends on the relationship between the stakeholder and the...
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