Marketing Research of Subway

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Executive Summary

Subway was founded by Buck and DeLuca in 1965. With just over 45 years of history, the company is one the world’s leading automakers and the largest fast-food trademark in the modern world. With a broad branch spread of 27583 shops in 85 countries, Subway secures consumer trust by offering freshness guarantee, 20 alternative combinations, and the personalized-sandwiches strategy to suit both individual and multiple parties’ needs. Monthly incentives should be made available by the management to encourage individual staff motivation and team spirit. Advertising partners should be established for the growth of popularity in different aspects of the current culture. For example, new Subway deals are updated through TXT by the Telecom network. This report concludes the results of the interview. It firstly identifies the aims and objectives of the company. Secondly it shows from environment analysis that the company is affected by several of environment factors. Competition is increasing in the industry situation so that the company should improve their market research skills in relation to customer and the markets from both secondary sources and primary sources. Also the company can segment according to the area and ethnicity, and new target market suggested to the company is the primary school around Wellington centre.


As Subway is distinctively well-established in the fast-food domain, we propose to study not only the key ingredients of its success, but also its integrated procedures that have brought upon such high level of performance on the business ground. The main purpose for this assignment is to investigate Subway’s past and present marketing goals and objectives, taking the co-operation branch located on Courtenay Place as the analysis template. Furthermore, justifications subjected to the marketing environment will be carried out, inclusive of comprehensive SWOT analysis on topics such as marketing research requirements, the features of Subway’s current focal market and future development targets and goals. Finally, a summary indicative of the influential factors – in negative and positive aspects – that have acted upon the business will be given, followed by optimistic recommendations on Subway’s future objectives.

Personal observations of Subway
* Subway is the restaurant that serves sandwich, wrap, salads, deli choices, in combination with vegetarian options.

* Consumers are giving the option to either dine in or take away their order(s).

* The price range is relatively affordable for the majority of income categories. The average price for a small size sandwich (six inch) is six dollars; average price for a large size sandwich (12 inch) is nine dollars.

* Subway operates seven days a week, without public holidays’ exceptions, from approximately 7 am to 10 pm (Monday to Friday), 24 hours in the weekend.

* Subway Courtenay Place possesses one of the best business locations in the great Wellington City out of the total of 11 branches regionally. It is the main street of Wellington around by Wellington CBD, surrounded by numerous popular trading outlets. * From a comparative point of view, Subway, generally speaking, is less in size and reputation than a trademark such as Mc Donald’s, but it is established enough to be recognized as global enterprise business group.

* Meal orderings are available to consumers in many ways: TXT order, online order, phone order and Code Sever representatives.
* Subway restaurants have many competitors, with the most obvious being the fast-food services, of all cultural origins (Western, Asian etc.) For example, Subway Courtenay Place is located among the Cinema Food Court, Mc Donald’s, Burger King, and a number of Asian restaurants.


As stated in the executive summary, Subway restaurants are a firm that has a famous, well-built reputation upheld by the current...
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