Marketing Research Lecture 1

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Wednesday August 22, 2012
Chapter 1 – Introduction to Marketing Research

To understand Marketing Research, we must answer these questions: What is marketing?
What is the marketing concept?
What is marketing strategy?

First off, what is marketing?
Finding out what people want and getting it to them.
That is why this class is so important.

What is Marketing?
Defined by the AMA - An organizational function and a set of processes for creating, communicating and delivering value to customers, and for managing customer relationships in ways that benefit the organization and its stakeholders.

To Practice Marketing, Implement the Marketing Concept, or Develop the “Right” Strategy: Managers must make decisions.
To make the “right” decisions, the following kind of information is needed: objective
You can’t make marketing decisions without good information.

What is Marketing Research?
(Textbook definition)
Marketing Research is the process of designing, gathering, analyzing, and reporting information that may be used to solve a specific marketing problem.

What is the purpose of Marketing Research?
To link the consumer to the marketer by providing information that can be used in making marketing decisions.

Marketing Research is not infallible
Marketing research stated these “successes” would be “failures:” Stella Artois
Marketing research stated these “failures would be “successes:” Soft Batch®

What are the uses of Marketing Research?
Identify marketing opportunities and problems
Generate, refine, and evaluate potential marketing actions
Monitor marketing performance
Improve marketing as a process

Classifying Marketing Research Studies
Studies that identify marketing opportunities and problems:
Market-demand determination
Market segments identification
Marketing audits – SWOT analysis.

Classifying Marketing Research Studies
Studies that generate, refine, and evaluate...
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