Marketing research in medical fields

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world ,is driving the need for low cost , high quality imaging service.The miniaturization of signal processing electronics continues to reduce the size of a ultrasound devices.

Medical companies are manufacturing abroad in order to maximize product quality while keeping costs down. Global diagnostic imaging market is now sharing a significant pie of the medical device industry with increasing awareness about the early screening of disease. This has also compelled many players to invest in research as the market is witnessing obsolete technology.
. The compact ultrasound, which can now handle imaging applications that previously required a conventional machine, Systems already available are just as small and light as notepads, laptop computers, or briefcases, but they are nowhere close to what some radiologists visualize: a device as small as a stethoscope, with a little screen, that is no larger than a PDA. Most clinicians and manufacturers make a distinction between portable ultrasound systems, which are laptoplike units weighing 10 to 30 pounds, and true handheld devices: pocket-sized imaging instruments that weigh no more than 3 pounds. The concept for both types, however, is the same-a miniaturized ultrasound scanner that can be easily carried and taken almost everywhere.
"We serve five major core markets: radiology-including interventional radiology-ob/gyn, cardiology, surgery, and emergency medicine," said Dan Walton, vice president and general manager of SonoSite.
Current-generation devices combine portability and ease of use with some of the high-end systems' most popular features, such as color and power Doppler, as well as linear, phased-array, and intravaginal probes. Medison's new handheld device, the Pico, includes black-and-white display; color, power, and spectral Doppler imaging; and even a 3D component
Powerful and innovative as they are, handheld ultrasound systems cannot yet match the power and image resolution capabilities of high-end

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