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Topics: Psychographic, Marketing, Advertising Pages: 4 (886 words) Published: April 26, 2014

Psychographics are the attributes that describe the personality, attitudes, beliefs, values, emotions, style, opinions of customers, and prospective customers. It helps the market to pick up the market targets, and research how markets differ from one another. It does this by distinguishing people’s life style. Magazine ads contain different symbolic messages to reach their audience. People who spend hundreds, thousands, or even millions on ads know who is reading a certain magazine. Advertisers take our attraction with pleasing images and captions to draw us in. The purpose of understanding target market and their psychographics will enable business people to advertise, market, and sell to them more effectively. Ad agencies and companies with a large stake in their products' image have become the biggest market for psychographics. Maybelline cosmetic firm, for example, use psychographics to make sure that the image of their products and ads are in sync with their customers' self-image, says Suzanne Grayson, a cosmetics industry consultant. "The stronger that bond," said Grayson, "the stronger the franchise." In the Maybelline mascara ad, the image number one displays a beautiful young lady, dressed up in blue which appeals to women who wants to be beautiful. One of the first attraction that I noticed about this advertisement is the colors. Blue has a lot of significance in formality and elegance, especially in its deeper shades. Therefore, advertisers used blue to highlight the effectiveness of a product in terms of its smooth running. Caption says, “runway inspired fashionably desired,” and “for 40 years and counting. There’s only one great lash.” Maybelline is the best waterproof mascara on the market which I know by my own experience. Maybelline is doing an effective marketing in terms of achieving its objective. The effectiveness of the advertising typically depends on convincing people that the product being advertised actually can improve...
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