marketing research

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Marketing Research
Task 1 – Model Development
This task calls for team members to:
Identify quantitative research questions and hypotheses to be addressed Develop a research model incorporating independent and dependent variables

Problem Definition
Inexperienced/fresh graduate businesswomen that have a business model to introduce local (Singaporean) foods to International Tourists/ Student. Symptoms
lack of practical knowledge and experience
determine target market, products and brand positioning
determine competitive strategy
Task involve in defining the MDP


MRP – To determine the relative strengths and weakness of introducing local food in small restaurant vis-à-vis other competitors with respect to factors that influence international student and tourist to visit the restaurant 1) MDP

International students- types (colleges, secondary, different levels)? What sort of local dish will be provided? Eastern, Western, Fusion What is the highest scored dish/most favourite? Hainanese Chicken Rice, Chilli crab, Rojak, Food will be served or self-service?

Should Jessica choose chicken rice as food to be offered?
1) What is the local dish Jessica can introduce in the school for international student?   -  This can be based on the articles from food reviews, and so on. Articles that I read states that chicken rice is our national dish, but this is mainly from blogs (not too sure we are able to use blogs) 2) How was this food chosen as the most favourite item?

What pointers can we use for this? (Cheap food? easy to be prepared, can be top up with other side items? spending power of tourist and students? seasonal food/ not seasonal item?)

2) MRP
What is the most demanded food for targeted group?
Visitors – Independent / Dependent
Independent – Age, Nationality, Income, Experience, Type of visitor, lifestyle Choice of food – Demand for type of cuisine preferred
Suggestion – choose 1 Chinese, Malay, and Peranakan?

3) MRO
Hypotheses questions - how this food item be accepted by the tourist/students here? How are the reactions of the tourist to other foods against the item sold by Jessica?

Singapore's education system aims to nurture every child and help all students discover their talents, realize their full potential, and develop a passion for life-long learning. We want to nurture in our young the willingness to think in new ways, solve problems and create new opportunities for the future. Equally important, we want to help our young acquire sound values and develop the strength of character to deal with future challenges. National Education aims to foster strong bonds among students and develop in them a deep sense of belonging and commitment to family, community and country. As Singapore develops its private education sector estimated to be worth S$3billion, it is important to understand the complex psychological interactions and cognitive processes and behaviour of these foreign students. This is because these private institutions experience a high attrition rate of 30 per cent, which is a considerable proportion of students who do not complete their studies in Singapore. Singapore’s private education sector, estimated to be worth S$3 billion, has been expanding aggressively attracting an increasing number of foreign students studying in Singapore private schools. A third of these 60,000 foreign students who are studying in these private schools in Singapore are from China (Singapore – New Mecca, 2002). With the rising economic success and a strong value for education within Chinese society (Pieke, 1991; Chan, 1999), China will remain as one of the top source countries to demand for quality global education (UK higher Education Statistic Agency, 2004). However, one of the problems with these foreign students is their lack of motivation to successfully complete the courses in which they are enrolled. As a result, these schools face notably high attrition...
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